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Abhayagiri Restaurant – Enjoy Delicious Food and Views of Prambanan Temple

Abhayagiri Restaurant

Abhayagiri Restaurant is one of the culinary tourist attractions that you must visit when you go to Jogja. This restaurant, which has a natural and unique concept, is located close to Prambanan Temple, so if you go to this tourist spot, don’t forget to stop by this famous restaurant.

View at Abhayagiri Restaurant

By design, the Abhayagiri restaurant is specifically designed for visitors who come to Jogja to see Prambanan Temple from a distance. This view can be enjoyed during the day or at night to get a beautiful twilight view plus the magnificent temple buildings.

Not only Prambanan Temple, it turns out that at Abhayagiri Restaurant you can also see the top of the Sojiwan temple surrounded by green rice fields and train tracks. Of course, this restaurant is very comfortable and has beautiful decorations, the layout and the furniture are very pleasing to the eye.

This restaurant is also included in a row of restaurants with unique concepts and places to eat with the coolest views in Yogyakarta. Located in the Sumberwatu Heritage Resort and hill area with a height of approximately 196 meters above sea level.

The location of Abhayagiri Restaurant is located at a height, from here visitors can see how beautiful it is. So it’s not surprising that many tourists visit this location not only to taste the food but also to enjoy the many interesting photo spots.

Menu and Prices at Abhayagiri Restaurant

The price of food at this restaurant is very diverse. Apart from interesting photo spots, there are also many delicious menus at low prices on offer. You can order food ranging from Indonesian specialties to Western culinary dishes, although the prices for this menu are higher.

The cheapest food menu at Abhayagiri Restaurant is joglo green salad, spicy fried mushrooms, crispy duck salad, and many more. The menu price is set starting from IDR 36 thousand. Meanwhile, the most expensive menu is beef black pepper, and oxtail soup with a price of IDR 100 thousand.

Of course, some of these dishes are served with a distinctive taste and attractive appearance. Starting from heavy meals to desserts are also available, for your drinks you can taste various juices and herbal drinks such as blukuthuk ginger, plethora beer, kencur rice, and many more.

Location of Abhayagiri Restaurant

Next, you can also visit Abhayagiri Restaurant which is located at Sumber Watu Jerittage Resort, Rt02/01, Sambirejo, Prambanan, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta. There is the easiest route, namely near Prambanan Temple.

So for those of you who visit this restaurant and don’t know the way, you can follow the route to Prambanan Temple to make it easier. Or if you visit Prambanan, you can stop by at the Abhayagiri or Sumberwatu Heritage signs.

Facilities at Abhayagiri Restaurant

Apart from that, you can also get complete facilities and there are two dining area options available, namely indoor and outdoor. There is also live music and traditional dancing available at Abhayagiri Restaurant.

Parking fees at this restaurant are also relatively cheap, for motorbikes IDR 3 thousand and cars IDR 5 thousand. So you don’t need to worry about it being expensive, because your vehicle will also be parked safely and comfortably. So your relaxing time is not disturbed.

That’s a brief review of Abhayagiri Restaurant which is a must-visit when coming to the city of Jogja.

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