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Amaris Hotel Malioboro Jogja – Cost-effective Hotel in Yogyakarta City Center

Amaris Hotel Malioboro Jogja

Amaris Hotel Malioboro Jogja –  Living in the center of Yogyakarta, but confused about the best and most budget-friendly hotel? You can choose the Amaris Hotel Malioboro Jogja. Of course Amaris Hotel Jogja is one of the places that many people visit. This is because it has a variety of offers and is a well-known hotel. Not only for people who come and visit. This place is also attractive for people who live in the Jogja area and want to have a staycation.

The reason for Amaris Hotel Jogja

You will be looking for a place that is convenient in terms of tourism. Every place has its differences when traveling. Not just a place to play. The accommodation atmosphere can also be different. If you are looking for a place for a comfortable short break, Amaris Hotel Malioboro Jogja is a good choice. Well, here are the reasons people choose Amaris Hotel Malioboro Jogja:

Easy to Find Location

The first thing that makes the Amaris Hotel Malioboro accommodation crowded with people checking in is its location. Its position in the middle of the bustle of the city, namely in Malioboro, makes many people feel comfortable. You can easily find the location of Amaris Hotel Malioboro Jogja by asking people or using Google Maps. The location is on Pajeksan Street number 10 Malioboro, Gondomanan.

Free Parking Facility is available

Apart from the convenience of an easy-to-find location, you will also get other conveniences with the availability of free parking. Parking is very important for many people. Especially if you bring your own vehicle. You should look for safe and easy parking. To make sure all visitors feel comfortable, Amaris Hotel Malioboro Jogja provides free parking facilities. So, you don’t need to look for parking anymore. What is certain is that you just need to park in that place. You don’t need to spend money because free parking is available.

Easily Reach Many Places

Staying in a hotel is of course something that many people avoid because they feel uncomfortable. No need to worry because there are various places you can visit if you are someone who gets bored quickly just by staying at a hotel. Amaris Hotel Malioboro Jogja is surrounded by many legendary places like Gudeg Yu Djum. Apart from that, if you walk about 400 meters from Amaris Hotel Jogja, you will still find Vredeburg Fort. There is also Malioboro shopping street which is busy and people use it to buy souvenirs. You can get to Yogyakarta station quickly because it is less than 1 km away.

TV and Air Conditioning provided

All rooms at Amaris Hotel Malioboro Jogja are equipped with a TV and AC. You don’t need to worry about overheating because it has been arranged in such a way by the hotel. With a TV, you don’t need to feel bored because there is no other sound. Moreover, those who bring children do not need to keep giving them cell phones.

Free Wi-Fi Access

Amaris Hotel Jogja’s internet network is also good so there is no need to panic for those who usually sleep late. You can enjoy various types of film series using your cellphone because the WiFi is smooth. If there is a problem, you don’t need to panic because you only need to contact the receptionist. The hotel provides a 24-hour reception.

There is A Pool

In addition to providing a family room and several rooms with relaxing seating, the hotel also provides an outdoor swimming pool. You won’t feel bored even though you don’t leave the hotel.

That’s the review of Amaris Hotel Jogja which has managed to attract the attention of many people. You can choose your desired place according to your accommodation budget. Make sure to find the right place so you can heal until you’re satisfied.

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