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Bale Raos Jogja – Taste the Delicious Dishes of the Sultan of Yogyakarta

Bale Raos Jogja

Bale Raos Jogja – Yogyakarta is a special area in Central Java province. Why is it called special? Because in this city there is a lot of history that is still strong with the palace and its culture. Apart from that, there are many historical tourist attractions and cool restaurants for families.

It is not surprising that this city is often visited by many tourists, both local and foreign. Because this city has a strong culture, tourists can learn about its history, culture, and even culinary delights. So, in this article, we will discuss in full about one of the famous restaurants.

Bale Raos Jogja is one of the interesting restaurants and culinary attractions in the city of Yogyakarta. There are many dishes prepared according to recipes made by the royal family. Both in terms of service and menus and flavors that suit the Indonesian palate and have been passed down from generation to generation.

Bale Raos Jogja Restaurant Menu

The first review is in terms of the menu served at this place. First, there is traditional rice which is one of the characteristics of the Jogja Palace’s typical menu which has been provided by the chef. This unique combination of flavors from the Wonosari area of ​​Yogyakarta is very popular with many people.

At Bale Raos Jogja you will also find a menu of red rice served with stir-fried vegetables with papaya leaves and tofu tempeh bacon. Apart from that, there are also palace dishes such as gecko ganem to Lombok kethok. This menu is perfect to serve at lunchtime.

Have you ever had gechok ganem food? This food is the favorite food of the 9th Sultan Hamengku Buwono. This food is ground beef which is shaped into rounds and is steamed in a delicious coconut milk sauce that is almost the same as vegetable lodeh.

Delicious because the taste of the soft beef plus the savory coconut milk sauce can make you want more. Apart from that, in Bale Raos Jogja, you can also find

Lombok kethok food, food is also the favorite of the 7th Sultan Hamengku Buwono and is nothing short of delicious.

There is another stir-fried papaya leaf which has a savory taste and is not at all bitter. Suitable for those of you who don’t like papaya leaves because of their bitter taste, here you can taste them, guaranteed to be addictive.

At Bale Raos Jogja there is also a vegetable layer, which is a dish that is suitable for those of you who like spicy coconut milk. This cooking menu is also liked by the Jogja royal family. All the menus are not delicious if they are not mixed with tempeh and bacem tofu.

Restaurant area suitable for families

Apart from that, what’s interesting is that at this restaurant you will get the best service in a comfortable place for families. So it’s very suitable when gathering and eating at Jogja people’s favorite restaurant.

This place can also be an option when you get bored of going to Angkringan, in this area there are two gardens in the form of large cages filled with lots of plants. Then there are several Uanggashias in it which became icons when Bale Raos Jogja first entered.

There are two areas in this restaurant, namely semi-outdoor in the form of a pavilion and in the form of lesahan or chairs facing each other. Then there is the ballroom dining area which is located in the middle of the room.

All the nuances of Bale Raos Jogja are similar to a jog house and are dominated by the dark green color favored by Javanese people.

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