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Banyu Mili Resto – Information of Menus, Reviews and Facilities

Banyu Mili Resto

Banyu Mili Resto YogyakartaIf you are in Yogyakarta or intend to visit this city, don’t forget to stop by Banyu Mili Resto which has delicious food and a beautiful restaurant. This culinary tourist spot is also equipped with an interesting concept, namely water tourism.

So, this article will explain in detail food prices, available menus, facilities, and locations of Banyu Mili restaurants in Jogja. This restaurant is better known as a culinary tour that is suitable for families because there are many menu variants and a large area.

Banyu Mili Resto

Facilities at Banyu Mili Resto

This family restaurant is often visited by tourists who enjoy culinary delights while playing in the water. As the name suggests, Banyu Mili Resto comes from Javanese and means flowing water. So the concept promoted by this restaurant is to enjoy food while watching the gurgle of fresh water.

This restaurant and water play area has many complete facilities such as a swimming pool, special children’s games, and a hut for relaxing. There is also an artificial lake located behind the swimming pool. The area of ​​this location is around 30 thousand square meters.

There are three areas available, namely indoor with a capacity of 200 seats and a swimming pool. Then there is an outdoor zone with a hut and an artificial lake zone which is usually used for fishing. If you go to Banyu Mili Resto, not only will the food be delicious, but you will also get an experience.

Banyu Mili Resto

Menu and Food Prices at Banyu Mili Resto

After seeing what is provided at this place, you also shouldn’t miss tasting the food menu at the restaurant. Provides various kinds of food such as seafood, fried rice, chicken, and various types of drinks.

This area, which can accommodate 1000 people, provides many menus of typical Javanese and other regional dishes. Food prices at Banyu Mili Resto range from 10 thousand to

250 thousand rupiah. Meanwhile, the swimming pool facility itself has a different price, namely 20 thousand per person.

The prices available are certainly commensurate with the facilities and food menu served. So you won’t regret it, you can also invite your children to play and try the various other rides provided.

Location and Route to Banyu Mili Resto

Next, after you know the superior facilities and menu at Banyu Mili Resto. Of course, you also have to know where this location is, because the location itself is located in the city of Jogja. This place is often called an oasis in the desert because it is rare to find a place that provides freshness in the middle of the city.

Located on Jalan Godean km 4.5 Nogotirto, Gamping, Sleman, Yogyakarta. The location of this restaurant is in the middle of the Griya Mahkota housing complex. To get to this place can be reached easily in just 15 minutes from Malioboro by car.

Apart from that, the most important thing is that there is a large parking area so don’t worry about not getting a spot. Banyu Mili Resto is also equipped with a parking area with a good security system. This is to maintain visitor comfort.

So your holiday will be more enjoyable because apart from being able to taste lots of delicious menus. You also have complete access and facilities. So, don’t miss eating at this family restaurant with a unique water atmosphere.

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