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Borobudur Buddha Temple – UNESCO World Heritage Site, Java, Indonesia

Borobudur Buddha Temple

Borobudur Buddha Temple – Borobudur Temple is a very famous tourist destination in Indonesia. Located in Magelang, Central Java, this temple is a Buddhist relic from the 8th century which is the pride of the country and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The beauty and majesty of Borobudur Temple is not only an attraction for local tourists, but also attracts the interest of foreign tourists.

Borobudur Buddha Temple

Borobudur Temple is one of the largest Buddhist sites in the world, measuring 123 x 123 meters and 35 meters high. The temple consists of nine platforms connected by a series of stairs and passages that stretch 2,672.5 meters. Each platform has reliefs depicting stories of Buddha’s life and teachings.

The construction of Borobudur Temple used 55,000 cubic meters of volcanic stone which were arranged without using adhesives. The uniqueness of this temple lies in the absence of decorative statues dominating the structure. Instead, there are 2,672 relief panels depicting stories from the life of Buddha. This relief is very detailed and realistic, depicting everyday life during the glory days of the ancient Javanese kingdom.

Apart from the reliefs, there are also 504 Buddhist statues located in towering stupas. These stupas represent the path to spiritual enlightenment and reflect the level of purity of mind. Each Buddha statue has a different pose and layout, showing variations in Buddhism.

Borobudur Temple was built during the rule of the Syailendra dynasty in the 8th century. It is said that the building of this temple was led by a king named Samaratungga. The building process took approximately 75 years to complete. However, in the 14th century, Borobudur Temple was abandoned and forgotten, buried among the ashes of the volcano that surrounded it.

Borobudur Temple was rediscovered at the beginning of the 19th century by a Dutch engineer named Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles. He sent an expedition that succeeded in excavating the Borobudur Temple from the pile of volcanic ash that covered it. Since then, Borobudur Temple has received worldwide attention and is now one of the popular tourist destinations in Indonesia.

A large-scale restoration effort was undertaken in 1907 by the Dutch East Indies government. The restoration process continued until 1911. The aim was to restore the grandeur and beauty of Borobudur Temple to its original state. During the restoration process, more than 1 million volcanic rocks were cleaned and repaired, and finally, the Borobudur Temple once again stood majestically and became a silent witness to the glory of the ancient Javanese kingdom.

In 1991, Borobudur Temple was acknowledged as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This recognition helps to protect and preserve this precious cultural heritage for future generations. Borobudur Temple is one of the world’s most amazing wonders, and this is a major achievement for Indonesia.

Each year, thousands of tourists come to Borobudur Temple to admire its beauty. They can watch the sunrise from above the temple, creating a stunning and impressive view. Apart from that, on certain days, there is also the Buddhist Vesak celebration held here. Vesak is a holy day in Buddhism that commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha Gautama.

Borobudur Temple is a place filled with beauty, history, and spirituality. Visitors can feel the calm and peace around the temple. A religious atmosphere that is able to make us connect with nature and feel the wonder of our existence.

With all its majesty, Borobudur Temple is one of the strong reasons why Indonesia is worthy of being an international tourist destination. The architectural beauty, impressive reliefs and historical value contained in the Borobudur Temple make it an unforgettable place. For those who want to witness the wonders of this world, Borobudur Temple is a destination that must be visited. Indonesia is proud to have the Borobudur Temple as a symbol of the wealth and beauty of this country’s culture.

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