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Borobudur Temple Tour Driver – Private Driver for Borobudur Tours

Borobudur Temple Tour Driver – There are many tourist destinations in Indonesia that make it a country that is respected and widely known throughout the world. It is not only in terms of culinary and cultural tourism, but also historical tourism. One of the most famous historical tourist attractions in Indonesia is the Borobudur temple.

Borobudur has long been listed as one of the world’s wonders protected by the UNESCO world organization. This is what later inspired the many Borobudur Temple Tour services to date. The need for private driver rental services as well as to help with flexible mobility during visits to Borobudur has increased after the end of the Corona outbreak which allowed mobility between countries to be wide open again.

borobudur temple tour

About Borobudur Temple

Borobudur is included in the Magelang area, Indonesia which is not too far from Yogyakarta which is also an area that has many interesting tourist attractions for foreign tourists. The distance that is not too far makes people very interested in visiting both at the same time during the same holiday period. Even though the holiday period is not too long, it is still possible for you to enjoy these two destinations without worry.

Seeing this fact, many tourists want car rental services and private drivers in Borobudur to be able to enjoy their holidays to the fullest and even if possible they also want to visit other tourist attractions near Magelang, apart from Yogyakarta, maybe like Malang, Semarang, Banyumas, and so on.

The attraction of Borobudur Temple Tour lies in its very attractive, ancient, majestic, symmetrical and sacred structure. This is a structure made for worship in the past, and it is very attractive for tourists to visit this site. Another charm that is hidden is about the long history that is behind the establishment of this temple and how long it took for it to get to what it is now.

Te Fee of Car Driver for Tour

The fee you need to pay to enter this area is around IDR 750,000 if you get to the top. This is a policy enforced by the government as a step to keep Borobudur maintained and in good condition. The costs are quite high for local tourists to instill a sense of care and help efforts to maintain sustainability.

Even so, the Borobudur Entrance Fee can still be considered affordable for foreign tourists coming from Europe or America. They certainly won’t hesitate to spend money to witness the beauty of the structure of the Borobudur temple and capture the moments there. Especially if they have seen the temple for themselves, they will definitely feel that everything has been paid for, and this is appropriate.

The availability of the Borobudur Temple Tour service makes it easier for tourists to gain access and find the right route to get there. Moreover, with English language skills, our driver will provide recommendations or information about what needs to be done and what should not be done during a visit to Borobudur temple.

Tourists will also know How to Buy Borobudur Tickets from our driver’s description. They can find out online, and tickets can be obtained through the ticket booth available near the entrance to the temple tour and pay for them right there, so this will be very easy to do.

Why You Should Do Borobudur Temple Tour

Another beauty that international tourists can enjoy is enjoying the evening atmosphere there. You will find a serene and calming atmosphere. Especially if you visit when the weather is sunny, then you will see a magnificent temple structure with an orange sky decoration in the evening before sunset.

However, it doesn’t end there. Not only the beauty at sunset, but a much more beautiful atmosphere and much coveted by tourists are the moment when the sun rises. Is this what is called the Borobudur Sunrise Tour, where you can ride a vehicle to get around the Borobudur area just before sunrise and see for yourself the beauty of the atmosphere of Borobudur at that time. Of course this will be a very memorable and unforgettable experience.

With a long history of the establishment of the temple structure and also the background of its manufacture, tourists will surely be curious about the story behind it. They can, of course, hire a tour guide at the Borobudur temple to tell stories about the history that happened and undergo a Borobudur Temple Tour session.

Good Car for Good Experience

The types of cars available for touring the Borobudur area can vary, you can use the Toyota Avanza which is known as a family car and can be ridden by 4-5 people. Comfortable interior conditions and spacious space will make you feel comfortable while on the tour.

The Toyota Avanza is also known as a fuel-efficient car, so tourists don’t have to worry about running out of fuel or having to spend more money on fuel costs, which turn out to run out faster and have to be refilled many times. This can reduce the risk of complaints by foreign tourists when they have to pay additional fees that come suddenly and are not in accordance with the previous agreement.

Our car selection is also full of consideration and is owned by individuals, namely owned by our drivers. That way, matters relating to driving licenses, the validity of documents and vehicle ownership need not be doubted. Tourists will also feel safe and comfortable when traveling in other countries because they join the Borobudur Temple Tour service provider who is aware of the law.

Visit Borobudur Temple with Us

Those are some interesting reviews and you can make them a reference when you want to visit Indonesia and witness the splendor of the Borobudur temple and know the extraordinary History of Borobudur Temple and it went through a very long process.

Trust your choice of Borobudur Temple Tour to us and you will be able to enjoy your holiday in the beautiful Indonesia to the fullest. Get the best service at prices that don’t strangle you. Enjoy low prices and excellent service quality that is second to none. Visit and contact us here

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