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Borobudur Temple – Facts, Attractions, Address and Ticket Prices

Borobudur Temple – Who doesn’t know this temple that is popular all over the world? Borobudur Temple as an international tourist destination truly has an extra special ‘other side’.

As a beautiful temple that amazes the world, Borobudur Temple always has its own charm with its majestic and genius architecture.

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur History with 2672 Reliefs

The history of Borobudur Temple began with the discovery of the Karangtengah inscription built by King Samaratungga. The king of the Syailendra dynasty had not yet finished building it and it was continued by his daughter, Queen Pramudawardhani in the 9th century.

The architecture of the temple shows how in the past people had quite high intelligence with genius level artistic skills. Even the architect of the temple building was made of 2 million andesite stones.

The interlocking system is the key to making giant temples that stand very strong even though they are old. Apart from that, there is also the story of Gunadarma lying down looking at Borobudur Temple and it turned into Menoreh Hill.

The hill near the temple implies the myth of Gunadarma, who was the architect of a luxurious temple with thousands of extraordinary histories.

Borobudur Temple has 2672 relief panels and if they are aligned they are 6 km long. The relief tells the story of the life journey of the Buddha with his teachings and the conditions of Java at that time.

Location, Tickets, Parking Rates and Opening and Closing Times of Borobudur

Many people think that Borobudur Temple is located in Yogyakarta, but it is in Central Java. Following is information about the location, address, tickets and operational hours.

1. Address

The address is on Jalan Badrawati, Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java. If you come from Jogja, it only takes around 1.5 hours to travel.

2. Tickets

The ticket price for Borobudur Temple shocked the public because it was quite expensive. However, it has changed again to 78 thousand for adults and 35 thousand for children.

3. Parking Rates

Monday to Thursday the car parking rate is 10 thousand and the bus fee is 20 thousand. Meanwhile, from Friday to Sunday and national holidays, fares increase to 15 thousand for cars and 25 thousand for buses.

4. Opening and closing hours

The Borobudur management opens the tourist destination from 7 am and closes at 5 pm.

The facilities at the temple tour are very adequate with food stalls, rest areas, toilets and a souvenir center as well as complete souvenirs.

Borobudur Facts and Attractions

Seeing its splendor, the temple is very special, showing how glorious its past history was. There are many interesting facts as well as attractions about Borobudur, including:

1. Very Large Buddhist Temple

Borobudur, which is luxurious with a majestic appearance, is a Buddhist temple with an area of 123 meters x 123 meters.

2. The Largest Relief Ensemble

As previously mentioned, Borobudur Temple has 2,672 relief panels and if aligned they reach a length of 6 km. UNESCO calls it the world’s most complete and extensive ensemble of Buddhist reliefs.

This shows quite high artistic value that is not found anywhere else. With the intelligence and genius of people from the past, Borobudur Temple is truly magnificent and extraordinary.

3. The Giant Puzzle

Borobudur Templeas a giant puzzle is made up of 2 million wooden blocks that are interlocked.

4. Requires 55,000 Cubic Meters of Stone

Just imagine, to build a temple you need 55,000 cubic meters of volcanic rock.

5. 75 Years Old

The temple took approximately 75 years to build.

The interesting facts that make up the charm of Borobudur Temple really attract visitors. Buildings with magnificent architecture show that building designers were very intelligent at that time.

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