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Breksi Cliff: Attractions, Opening Hours, Ticket Prices and Activities That Can Be Done Here

Breksi Cliff Yogyakarta – Yogyakarta has various interesting natural tourist destinations. One of them is the Breksi Cliff. Who would have thought that this place, which was previously a former mining area, could be transformed into a tourist spot with stunning natural beauty?

Breksi Cliff

Breksi Cliff Yogyakarta

Breksi Cliff is a tourist attraction that was previously used as a stone mining area. After mining activities were stopped, this place was then transformed into an attractive tourist location for tourists.

This cliff itself was formed from deposits of volcanic ash from ancient volcanoes tens of millions of years ago. The collection of volcanic ash then settles into mud and solidifies into rock.

This limestone rock was previously mined by the people as a source of their economy.

Breksi Cliff

Attraction of Breksi Cliff

Chalk White Path

One of the attractions of Tebing Breksi is the route which is dominated by white limestone rocks. This path is called the white chalk path.

Near this path there is a fish pond which contains koi fish of various colors. You can also sit near the pool area while enjoying the stunning views of Breksi Cliff.

Tlatar Seneng

Breksi Cliff also has a stage which is usually used in various performances. This place is referred to as Tlatar Seneng.

This stadium is also equipped with tiered seating which can accommodate dozens of spectators.

Wayang Relief

On the surface of the Breksi Cliff there is also a very stunning wayang relief. This relief tells the story of Arjuna killing Buto Cakil.

Apart from the story of Arjuna, there is also a dragon sculpture wearing a crown and a statue of Semar which will amaze visitors.

Activities that can be done at Tebing Breksi

Relax while enjoying the view

Breksi Cliff is the best place to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. The air is still cool and can make you feel relaxed here.

You can also enjoy beautiful sunset views if you come at dusk towards evening. Don’t forget to capture it with your camera too.

Go for a ride in a Jeep

Apart from enjoying the view from the top of the cliff, you can also go around enjoying the view using a Jeep.

To get around in a Jeep, you can rent one for IDR. 350,000 for 4-5 people.

Watching Performances

At Breksi Tebing, you can also watch performances held on a stage called Tlatar Seneng.

Some of the performances that are often held here include traditional dance performances, art festivals, and theater performances.

Breksi Cliff Location

Breksi Cliff is located in Dsn Groyokan, Sambirejo Village, Prambanan District, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta.

The location is not far from the Prambanan Temple complex. So, to get to this place, you can follow the directions to Prambanan Temple first or you can also use the help of Google Maps.

Breksi Cliff Opening Times

Breksi Cliff operational hours are open from 05.00 to 18.00 WIB. You can come in the morning or afternoon to see the sunrise and sunset.

Entrance ticket price to Breksi Cliff

Interestingly, to enter Breksi Cliff, you won’t be charged a penny, it’s free. You just need to pay for vehicle parking, starting from IDR. 2,000 for motorbikes, and Rp. 5,000 for the car.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this place has become an attractive tourist destination. Because, you can enjoy the priceless attractions of Breksi Cliff for free.

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