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Bromo Tengger Semeru – Interesting Things You Can Do Here

Bromo Tengger Semeru – Need a holiday full of natural Indonesian nuances? Bromo Tengger Semeru is the answer. Here, you can enjoy natural beauty with various spots ranging from sand dunes, Ranu Kumbolo lake, Bromo crater to the savanna.

Are you curious about what the excitement is like? Come on, scroll down this article!

Bromo Tengger Semeru

The charm of Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru

This article will start by getting to know the legend of Mount Bromo in East Java. It is said that the name of this mountain comes from the beliefs of local people who believe that the mountain has traces of the god Brahma. Not only that, they also believe that Bromo is the abode of God Vishnu, God Brahma and God Shiva.

Interesting Things You Can Do When Visiting Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru

Apart from ties of belief, Mount Bromo does have enchanting natural beauty. If given the opportunity to go on holiday there, here are the exciting activities you can do:

1. The Exciting Sensation of Riding a Jeep

The first exciting activity you can do when visiting Bromo is riding a jeep around the mountain area. This car is usually provided by the travel service and you just have to make a reservation and agree on the rental price. Jeep rides will pass through several routes such as Bromo Crater, Bukit Cinta, Pasir Berssik, Widodaren and Savana.

See the beautiful sea of whispering sand at the foot of Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru

As the name suggests, the sand in the Bromo Tengger Semeru area can be heard whispering when blown by the wind. Apart from that, the unique color of the sand and its texture make this place very special and very suitable for a photo background.

Moreover, if you are lucky, at 09.00 in the morning, there will be clouds moving above the foot of the Bromo Caldera cliff. The cloud looks as if it touched the expanse of whispering sand and then flew towards Mount Bromo and justify a beautiful and amazing impression.

2. Hunting Sunrise on Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru

Mount Bromo presents a beautiful and unforgettable sunset. You can usually see the sunrise from the top of Bukit Cinta, Penanjakan and Mentingen Hill.

To get to the location and see the sunset, visitors must track along the route explained by the Mount Bromo Tengger tourist guide. Meanwhile, the right time to see the sunset is 05.30 in the morning.

3.   Like in a fairy tale, feel the sensation of camping at Ranu Kumbolo

A visit to Bromo Tengger Semeru will be incomplete if you don’t experience the excitement of camping at Ranu Kumbolo. As the “Heaven of Mount Semeru” this area has a million charms that you will never forget.

Especially at night, there are millions of stars scattered in the sky coupled with the cool nature and quiet of Lake Ranju Kombolo. Wow, really the best moment ever!

It doesn’t stop there, when morning greets this area it still looks beautiful and amazing. The sweep of the morning wind and the sursire of Mount Bromo made us lulled and reluctant to go home.

4.   Take a walk at Pura Luhur Poten Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru

Still in the Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru area, there is an iconic place of worship called Pura Luhur Poten. Located at the foot of Bromo, this temple has apparently been standing since the first century and is still maintained today.

As a historical heritage, this temple certainly has a unique story and is assimilated between Javanese and Balinese culture. The feel of this building also seems to take us to the first century which was exotic and thick with Indonesian culture.

5.   Witness Yadnya Kasada, a traditional ceremony of the Tengger tribe

An exciting activity when visiting Mount Bromo that you can’t miss is seeing the Tengger Tribe traditional ceremony called Yadnya Kasada. This ceremony is held once a year when the full moon first appears.

By the Tengger Tribe, this ceremony is carried out for two days and is filled with solemn worship activities. Apart from that, the Tengger tribe, who are generally ancient Hindus, will flock to bring their harvests and livestock as offerings and expressions of gratitude.

How much is the entrance ticket to Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru?

Entrance tickets to the Mount Bromo Tengger tourist area vary depending on the day and your citizenship status. Here are the details:

  • Entrance ticket price on weekdays: IDR 29,000
  • Weekend entry ticket price: IDR 34,000
  • Entry ticket price for foreigners on weekdays: IDR 220,000
  • Entry ticket price for foreigners on weekends: IDR 320,000
  • Motorbike parking: IDR 5,000
  • Car parking: IDR 10,000
  • Bicycle parking: IDR 2,000
  • Horse parking: Rp 1,500

Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru Operational Hours

This tourist location is open every day 24 hours non-stop. For those of you who want to stay overnight, there are also many accommodations available in the Bromo area at varying prices. However, before staying overnight, make sure you have updated the latest Bromi information to update hotel availability, rental prices, ticket prices and so on.

Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru Route

Bromo Tengger is located in East Java Provincer and is on the border of Pasuruan, Malang, Probolinggo and Lumajang. Because it is located between four large districts, the route to Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru is not difficult. You can use various types of accommodation from Surabaya to Sidoarjo then continue to Bangil, Pasuruan and then Probolinggo.

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