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Bukit Rhema Chicken Church, Religious Tourism on Menoreh Hill

Bukit Rhema Chicken Church – If you read the name, the Bukit Rhema Chicken Church tourist attraction does seem unique, right? But make no mistake, for some tourists the Chicken Church is a mandatory destination when visiting Magelang.

Wow, what’s so special? Let’s find out!

Bukit Rhema Chicken Church

About Bukit Rhema Chicken Church

Why is it called the Chicken Church? Yes, it is called that because this building is similar to a chicken nukau from the deoan pangunan section to the back building. As for its history, many sources say this church was built by Daniel Alamsyah, who at that time was experiencing inner struggles.

Daniel himself is a man from Lampung, born October 17 1943, who is actually just an ordinary person. At that time, he was experiencing quite serious inner struggles. In the midst of his sadness, he received instructions through a dream to build a house of prayer on a hill he had never visited.

Armed with this dream, in 1989 he and his family visited Magelang, specifically the Borobudur area. There he met a local person named Jito, who finally gave him information that there was a hill in the Gombong Hamlet area.

Long story short, Daniel finally built the house of worship in 1992, on an area of 3000 square meters. The building is called the Bukit Rhema Prayer House and is located in the Menoreh Hill area. However, in 2000, the construction of the house of worship was stopped for one reason and has not been continued until now.

Even though the founder of this building was a Christian, the function of the Ayam Bukit Rhema Church was not purely as a place of Christian worship. Daniel admitted that the building was a house of worship where all people of any religion and belief could pray there. And apart from being a place of prayer, the Chicken Church has also been used as a rehabilitation center for drug addiction, ODGJ and children with special needs.

Interesting Things You Can Do When Visiting Bukit Rhema Chicken Church

Bukit Rhema Chicken Church is a religious tourist destination full of meaning and history. Here, you can do many things, one of which is hunting for unique photos taken of the building’s architecture.

Apart from that, you also have the opportunity to see the sunrise or sunset from the top of the hill. In fact, because it is located at a height, the Magelang Chicken Church can really be used as a tracking facility or just for a relaxing walk.

Facts about the Bukit Rhema Chicken Church, Magelang

Once used as a shooting location for the film AADC 2 is one of the unique facts about this place. But apart from that, there are other facts you need to know regarding the unique Church in Magelang, such as:

1. Construction of the Ayam Bukit Rhema Mangkrak Church

The monetary crisis in 2002 resulted in the stalled construction of the Chicken Church. Daniel as the owner finally stopped operating the building until it was finally used as a tourist attraction.

2. The Main Function Is Not As A Church

Even though the owner of this building is a Christian, the Chicken Church does not function as a place of worship for Christians only. According to Daniel, this place is a house of worship for all religious communities.

3. Bukit Rhema Chicken Church-Each Floor Has Its Own Meaning

This building consists of seven floors and each has its own philosophy. The first floor contains the philosophy that humans are born pure without sin. The second floor is divided into two rooms, right and justify, which symbolize good and bad.

The third floor contains all negative things such as the use of illegal drugs and so on. The fourth floor has a theme of Indonesian cultural diversity and pearls of wisdom on the fifth floor. The sixth floor contains life motivation and the last floor has the symbol of a crown which means gratitude.

Address, Opening Hours, Facilities and Entry Ticket Prices to the Bukit Rhema Chicken Church

Following is complete information regarding the address, opening hours, facilities and entrance ticket prices to the Magelang Chicken Church:

  • Address: Hamlet Gombong, Kembanglimus Village, Borobudur District, Magelang. Forging
  • Facilities: Large parking area, toilet, jeep, prayer room, prayer room, collection room, worship hall, mini museum and souvenir center
  • Opening Hours: 08.00 to 18.00 WIB

Finally,  entrance tickets to the Bukit Rhema Chicken Church are priced at around IDR 15,000 for local residents and IDR 30,000 for foreign tourists. Meanwhile, the cost for parakeets is only around Rp. 3,000 and Rp. 5,000.

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