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Private Car Charter in Yogyakarta with Driver and Java-Bali Tours, Indonesia

Cheap! Private Car Rental with Driver from Yogyakarta to Banyuwangi

Car Rental From Yogyakarta To Banyuwangi – Banyuwangi is a region located in the easternmost part of Java. Many people visit this area for certain reasons, one of which is to travel. Car rental from Yogyakarta to Banyuwangi is ready to accommodate you if you want to visit Banyuwangi from Yogyakarta.

car rental with driver from yogyakarta to banyuwangi

Important Tips for Using Car Rental From Yogyakarta To Banyuwangi

One of the benefits of using a car rental service is that you can get the best price. When you rent a car through a trusted service like Hire Driver Yogyakarta, you can get a cheaper rental price.

Because there are now more and more vehicle rental services, making rental rates more competitive. Despite offering low prices, car rental from Yogyakarta to Banyuwangi still provides professional services. Renting a car is no longer a costly affair, you can decide the rental period, type of car, and extra services if needed.

Whether it’s a vacation or a business trip to Banyuwangi, it will be complicated if you don’t prepare a private car. When you decide to rent a car, there are many types of cars to choose from. If you want to transport from Yogyakarta to Banyuwangi with a car rental service, check out these tips.

Don’t make a rush order

This point is very important for several reasons. You can avoid the difficulty of getting the best vehicle or the one you need. Car rentals are also sometimes fully-booked.

Choose the car you need

Car rentals provide a wide selection of cars that you can choose from. When choosing a car, choose one that can support the needs or criteria of the passengers. Many people need a comfortable vehicle for certain reasons. For example, when elderly people are coming along on your trip.

Make sure the car you are going to rent can provide the best function

Before you agree to rent a car, make sure the car is capable of providing the best performance. You don’t want any damage to the car you’re about to rent. If the car rental company allows you to try driving the car, you can do a test drive.

With a test drive, you can learn more about potential damage, car performance, and more.

Also make sure the air conditioner can function optimally

You might consider this a trivial thing, but it’s important to check the condition of the AC. For those of you who want to use a car rental from Yogyakarta to Banyuwangi, you should always check the air conditioner first.

During summer, the weather in Banyuwangi will be very hot. For this reason, you need to make sure that the AC in the car you want to rent can work optimally. The AC in a vehicle can also support the comfort of the passengers inside.

Consider using a private driver

The types of rentals that you can find in the field of car rental are rentals without a driver and with a driver. Each type of car rental has its advantages. You need to choose the type of car rental with your needs. If you have a traveling companion who is used to driving, you can rent a car without a driver.

But if no one can drive or you don’t want to get tired of driving, you can consider using the services of a private driver. Private driver from Yogyakarta to Banyuwangi will give you convenience in many aspects. Not only will you be able to travel more comfortably and efficiently, but your journey will also be guided.

With the best private driver, they can know the most ideal route for a more efficient trip. They also know the recommended places for culinary, sightseeing, and so on. Car rental from Yogyakarta to Banyuwangi with a private driver can be the right choice for those of you who don’t know much about the location.

Choose a reliable and professional car rental

No matter what the purpose of your trip is, you need to choose the best car rental. Make sure the car rental you choose can provide professional services, has a high reputation, and is trusted by many of its customers. With a trusted car rental, you can get the perfect service, your trip will be more enjoyable, comfortable, and safe.

Things To Do In Banyuwangi

Located not far from the island of Bali, East Java’s largest regency has a lot of natural beauty. If you want to know more things to do in Banyuwangi, here are some of them:

Mondoleko Hill

One of the tourist attractions that you can visit while in Banyuwangi is Mondoleko Hill. There is a bamboo bridge located in the upper area of Mondoleko Hill which is the attraction of this hill. Mondoleko Hill also has views of green rice fields and shady trees.

At the top of the hill, you can find a banyan tree. This tree is believed to have an ancestral grave at the bottom.

Ijen Crater

For those of you who like adventure, you can try visiting the Ijen Crater. This natural tourist spot is very popular, many tourists go to a place that has this green crater. Not only is the green crater interesting in Ijen Crater but there is also sulfur mining in this place.

There is a unique phenomenon that is the attraction of the Ijen Crater, namely the Blue Fire phenomenon. When visiting Ijen Crater, you must do hiking. The smell of sulfur in this place is also quite thick.

Tabuan Island

The location of this island is in the northern part of the Bali Strait, but Tabuan Island is still included in the Banyuwangi area. Its beauty is enough to make Tabuan Island visited by many people. The wind speed and conditions on the island are consistent, making it one of the ideal places for kiteboarding.

Besides kiteboarding, you can also do snorkeling on Tabuan Island. The white sand is also another attraction on the island.

Baluran National Park

As another exciting tourist destination in Banyuwangi, you can visit Baluran National Park with a car rental from Yogyakarta to Banyuwangi. This tourist destination presents beautiful savanna scenery like in Africa. Not only does it present a beautiful view, but you can also meet a lot of wildlife in Baluran National Park.

De Djawatan

If you need an exciting tourist spot to take pictures, De Djawatan can be the best choice. De Djawatan is a protected forest. In De Djawatan, there are large trees and some have a unique appearance.

Because of the shade of this large tree, many visitors feel more at home when visiting this area. Don’t forget to bring your camera to make your photos more beautiful. With so many interesting locations in Banyuwangi, you might want to know how to get Banyuwangi from Yogyakarta.

You can rent a car, and consider using a private driver if you don’t know the Banyuwangi area very well. If you want to use a car rental from Yogyakarta to Banyuwangi, don’t forget to read every T&C.

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