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Private Car Charter in Yogyakarta with Driver and Java-Bali Tours, Indonesia

Cheap! Private Car Rental with Driver from Yogyakarta to Jakarta

Car Rental From Yogyakarta To Jakarta – Many people know what Jakarta is, it is the capital city of Indonesia that is widely recognized by many countries. Jakarta is a densely populated city, and the purpose of people going to Jakarta is quite diverse. Car rental from Yogyakarta to Jakarta is a service that can help you visit Jakarta easily and comfortably. Some people have to live here for work, while some people visit Jakarta for vacation.

How To Get Jakarta From Yogyakarta?

So, how to get Jakarta from Yogyakarta? There are quite a few ways you can get to Jakarta. You can use an airplane, first, you need to come to the airport in Yogyakarta such as YIA. Then you need to go to Jakarta airport. Besides using airplanes, you can use trains too, first, you need to go to a station in Yogyakarta such as Tugu station or Lempuyangan station.

Other options include using buses, travel vehicles, and using car rental services. Choose the method that makes you most comfortable. Our preferred method is car rental from Yogyakarta to Jakarta. You can enjoy a more comfortable, free, and safe trip. You can rely on this service for personal travel, visiting family events, vacations, and others.

car rental from yogyakarta to jakarta

What You Can Get From Car Rental From Yogyakarta To Jakarta

There are many benefits you can get if you use a car rental. Here are some of the benefits if you transport from Yogyakarta to Jakarta with the best car rental:

More freedom to visit places

When compared to public transportation, a private vehicle is a much more convenient choice. You will be more free to visit various places of interest or move from one location to another.

As many Indonesians know, Jakarta is a densely populated city. Any public transportation will often be crowded. Likewise, not all places can be visited using public transportation.

If you want more freedom to visit many areas in Jakarta, a private car is the best means of transportation. By using a car rental service, you can easily access every location in Jakarta.

Experienced private driver can guide you around Jakarta

If you’ve never visited Jakarta before, a private driver from Yogyakarta to Jakarta is just what you need. Traffic jams and difficulty finding locations in Jakarta will not be a problem if you use this service. The private driver already knows the streets of Jakarta well.

If you haven’t prepared your car, you can consider renting a car with a driver from Hire Driver Yogyakarta. To use a car rental from Yogyakarta to Jakarta, the rental price is not expensive. Although we provide quality, professional, and reliable car rental, we still offer low prices.

More efficient

By relying on car rentals, we can manage our time according to our needs. We can also customize each destination location that we want to go to. While in the case of public transportation, we need to wait for the departure schedule. Using a car rental is an efficient step for those of you who want to take a vacation.

Comfort is what you can get from a car rental

If we use a private car, it is surely more comfortable than a bus, or other public transportation. In public transportation, there are often many people and it can be uncomfortable.

It’s different if we use car rental from Yogyakarta to Jakarta, only you and your friends, family, or coworkers. You can get maximum comfort from a car rental, especially if you use a private driver.

Many Interesting Places For You To Visit In Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, this city not only has many tall buildings, Jakarta also has many popular tourist attractions. In Jakarta, you can find interesting places for nature, history, amusement parks, education, culinary, art, culture, and so on.

There are many things to do in Jakarta, one of which is to visit the Ragunan Zoo. This zoo is one of the oldest in Jakarta or Indonesia. You can find many species of animals at Ragunan Zoo. Be it mammals, primates, fish, and many other animal species.

Another popular attraction in Jakarta is Dufan or Dunia Fantasi. At Dufan, you can enjoy many rides. If you have free time on weekdays, then you can come to Dufan on that day.

If you visit Dufan on weekends or holidays, the place is very crowded. You also need to queue for a long time to enter the rides. Another choice of tourist attractions that you can consider if you want to transfer from Yogyakarta to Jakarta is TMII or Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

At TMII, you can also find many rides to enjoy. In this place, there are flower gardens, miniature houses, dinosaur parks, museums, theaters, and so on. Each ride in TMII has its ticket. Don’t forget the very popular icon of TMII, the children’s palace, the building is like a magnificent castle with reddish colors.

The area of TMII is vast, so it’s recommended that you rent a bicycle so you don’t get exhausted when going around the place. Meanwhile, if you want to know what the most famous icon of Jakarta is, it is the National Monument or Monas.

This icon of Jakarta is a 132-meter-high monument, Monas was made as a form of remembrance of the people’s struggle for independence. The interesting thing about Monas is that there is gold at the top of the monument. When we are at the top of Monas, we can enjoy a wide view of the city.

An interesting tourist spot that you can visit with a car rental from Yogyakarta to Jakarta is Sea World. In this place, you can see complete marine life in a giant aquarium. At Sea World, you can explore tunnels underwater, and even interact with various aquatic animals. In this place, you can teach children about the marine world.

Kota Tua is also another tourist attraction that you must visit while in Jakarta and is an icon of Jakarta as well. In this place, you can find colonial buildings. Why is this place called Kota Tua or Old City? The architecture of the buildings here has existed since ancient times and until now it is still preserved.

When you visit this place, you can not only enjoy the buildings with the architecture of the past. You can also go cycling on a vintage bicycle. In the area around Kota Tua, you can also find museums to visit. Some of the places above can be visited with a car rental from Yogyakarta to Jakarta.

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