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Embung Nglanggeran – Natural Tourist Spots with Beautiful Views

Nglanggeran Reservoir

Embung Nglanggeran – Embung Nglanggeran is one of the tourist attractions located in Nglanggeran Village, Patuk District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region, Indonesia. This place is famous for its beautiful artificial lake located in the middle of stunning karst mountains.

Embung Nglanggeran offers stunning natural views, challenging trekking, and also interesting history. This article will discuss more about this tourist spot, including history, natural beauty, activities to do, and travel tips.

Embung Nglanggeran has an area of ​​around 10 hectares, with a water storage capacity of 4 million cubic meters. Apart from being a water source, this reservoir is also a popular tourist attraction because of its beauty.

The following is the charm of Embung Nglanggeran

1. The natural beauty of Embung Nglanggeran

Embung Nglanggeran is located in the famous karst area in Gunungkidul. This area is characterized by beautiful and unique limestone formations. The view around the bung is very stunning, with a stretch of green hills and a calm lake.

Several trees and plants also decorate around the reservoir, adding to the enchanting natural beauty. Especially at sunset, you can witness an extraordinary view with the colors of the sky reflecting on the water surface of the bung.

2. Activities that can be done at Embung Nglanggeran

Doing trekking, Embung Nglanggeran offers challenging trekking through beautiful paths. You can start the journey from Nglanggeran Village and enjoy

Amazing natural views when climbing. This journey will take you past impressive karst hills and diverse vegetation.

The natural beauty of Embung Nglanggeran is very suitable for photography. You can capture beautiful moments at sunrise or sunset, or take photos of the stunning landscape around the embung. You can also get around by boat.

You can also rent a boat and explore Embung Nglanggeran. Exploring the bung by boat is a fun way to enjoy the natural beauty of this man-made lake. Not only that, for nature and adventure lovers, you can camp around the bung.

3. Challenging Trekking

Embung Nglanggeran also offers challenging trekking through beautiful paths. This trekking trip will take visitors through impressive karst hills and diverse vegetation. This trekking activity provides an unforgettable experience of adventure and natural beauty for visitors.

4. Affordability and Accessibility

Embung Nglanggeran is located in Nglanggeran Village which can be easily accessed from Yogyakarta City. The distance is not too far, making this place a popular tourist destination for local and foreign tourists. Apart from that, the entrance ticket to this bung is also affordable, so it can be enjoyed by various groups of visitors.

5. Tourism is full of uniqueness

Embung Nglanggeran is located in a karst area which has its uniqueness. The beautiful and unique limestone formations are a special attraction for visitors. Karst also has high biodiversity, with various species of plants and animals living around the reservoirs.

6. Full of History and Culture

Apart from its natural beauty, Embung Nglanggeran also has interesting historical and cultural values. This reservoir was built as a solution to overcome water shortages in the area. The participation of local communities in the construction of this bung also reflects local wisdom and a strong culture.

This is a review of the Embung Nglanggeran tourist attraction which you must visit when you arrive in the Yogyakarta area. Don’t forget to invite your extended family to enjoy the natural beauty and charm of Embung Nglanggeran together.

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