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Fort Vredeburg Museum, A Historical Building from the Dutch Colonial Heritage

Fort Vredeburg Museum – Yogyakarta seems to be one of the cities in Indonesia which has various tourist attractions. It is not surprising that this city, located in the south of Java Island, is always a target for tourists. One of the interesting tourist attractions in this city is the Vredeburg Fortress Museum.

The museum includes historical buildings from the Netherlands. Therefore, this museum could be a reference for educational tourist attractions that you must visit when you come to Yogyakarta. For further information, see the full review of the museum below.

Fort Vredeburg Museum

About the Fort Vredeburg Museum

Vredeburg Fort was founded during the Dutch Colonial era, namely in 1760. The construction of this fort was intended to maintain security for the palace, which at that time was growing rapidly. However, in fact, it turned out that this was only part of the Dutch’s evil intentions. The real goal of the Dutch in asking Fort Vredeburg to be built was so that they could easily control conditions in the palace.

Uniquely, the name of this fort was originally Rustenburgh, which means a place of rest. However, the fort was damaged by an earthquake in Yogyakarta in 1867. After being renovated, the fort changed its name to Vredeburg, which means peace.

The Attraction of Vredeburg Fort

The Fort Vredeburg Museum is a very interesting place to visit. Not only is it a tourist attraction, you can also gain a lot of knowledge at the same time. Starting from knowledge about the history of Indonesia in the past to being able to see firsthand the Dutch-style architecture of buildings.

This museum was built on an area of 46,574 square meters so you are guaranteed to be satisfied touring. What’s more, there are various facilities at the museum. For example, prayer rooms, toilets and places to eat which will make your holiday moments comfortable.

Activities at Vredeburg Fortress

Enjoy Diorama Collections

Fort Vredeburg exhibits hundreds of collections of dioramas (three-dimensional miniatures) that visitors can view. The dioramas presented also show a number of events, such as the Prince Diponegoro period, the history of the proclamation of independence, the Renville agreement, and the events of the New Order in Indonesia. Apart from dioramas, this museum also has a collection of photos, objects and historical paintings about Indonesia in the past.


There are a number of rooms that can be visited at the Vredeburg Fortress Museum. For example, exhibition rooms, collection studies, conservation, introduction, and audio-visual rooms. In this audio-visual room, you can enjoy museum shows to further broaden your knowledge about Indonesian history. Screening of this film is free and does not incur any additional fees.

Taking pictures

Another activity that is a shame to miss when visiting this museum is taking photos. Moreover, you will be pampered with various collections of historical objects and unique Dutch architecture. Therefore, make sure to immortalize your moments when you visit this museum.

Location, Opening Times, Ticket Prices

This museum is located in the center of Yogyakarta City, specifically on Jalan Margo Mulyo. You can visit Tuesday to Sunday from 08.00 am to 16.00 afternoon. Ticket prices start from IDR 2,000 for children, IDR 3,000 for adults, and IDR 10,000 specifically for foreign tourists.

Tips for Those of You Who Want to Visit

The most important thing is don’t forget to prepare a camera to immortalize the ancient buildings and historical objects in the museum. Furthermore, don’t forget to keep it clean and make sure you don’t damage the collection of objects in the museum.

That’s the information about the Vredeburg Fort Museum. So, are you interested in visiting?

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