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How to Take Care of Dual Clutch Transmission

How to Care for a Dual Clutch Transmission, How to Take Care of Dual Clutch Transmission

How to Take Care of Dual Clutch Transmission – Dual-clutch transmissions have become popular in the last few decades. However, it is still important to care for it properly so that it can function optimally and have a long service life. In this article, we will discuss in detail how to maintain your dual clutch transmission so that it remains in good condition.

1. Use suitable oil

The right oil choice is very important to maintain dual clutch transmission performance. Make sure you are using the oil recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. Do not replace oil with a type that is not recommended, as this can cause damage to transmission components.

2. Change oil periodically

Change the transmission oil regularly according to manufacturer recommendations. Dirty or overly old oil can reduce transmission efficiency and cause damage to other components. If you frequently drive your vehicle in rough conditions or on long journeys, you may need to change the oil more often.

3. Note the Transmission Temperature

Maintain transmission temperature within safe limits. Excessive heat can damage the clutch and transmission gears. Avoid repeatedly experiencing situations where the transmission heats up significantly. If you are driving in such a situation, allow time for the transmission to cool before using the vehicle again.

4. Don’t pull the clutch too frequently

Using a double clutch means relying on a complex electronic system. Pulling the clutch too often harshly or frantically can cause stress on the transmission components and shorten the life of the system. Always pull the clutch gently and slowly when starting or changing gears.

5. Avoid fast gear changes

Shifting gears quickly can result in slowed transmission response and inefficient power use. Always allow enough time to transition between gears, especially when accelerating or decelerating sharply.

6. Avoid excessive friction on the surface of the clutch

Try not to shift gears too frequently when the vehicle is stopped or at low speed. Shifting gears too frequently in these conditions can cause excessive friction in the dual-clutch automatic, which can ultimately damage transmission components.

7. Pay attention to timing and repair techniques

If you are experiencing problems with your dual clutch transmission, it is very important to have the vehicle serviced by a reputable repair shop that is knowledgeable about dual clutch transmissions. If performed incorrectly, incorrect repairs can cause further damage to your transmission.

8. Know the Weight and Loading Capacity Limitations

Understanding the weight limitations and loading capacity of your vehicle is also important in maintaining a dual clutch transmission. Exercising a load that exceeds the recommended capacity may result in increased stress and strain on the transmission, which in turn may cause damage.

9. Use the Brakes Carefully

When driving a vehicle with a dual-clutch transmission, make sure to use the brakes carefully. When you shift gears more quickly than normal, excessive load can occur on the transmission clutch. Keep transitions between brake and clutch operation smooth and controlled.

10. Understanding of Casting Features

Do you know all the features and functions of the transmission on your vehicle? Each manufacturer and model has unique characteristics when it comes to operating a dual-clutch transmission. In your vehicle’s user manual, learn how to use the transmission correctly and pay attention to recommendations for optimal use of the dual clutch transmission.


Maintaining a dual clutch transmission regularly and in accordance with manufacturer recommendations can extend its service life and maintain optimal performance. Choose the right oil, change the oil regularly, avoid situations of extreme heat, and pay attention to clutch operation. With a good understanding of transmission features and how to use them, you can keep your dual clutch transmission in good shape for a long time.

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