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Jomblang Cave Tour – Private Tour from Yogyakarta to Jomblang Cave

Experience The Thrill of Jomblang Cave Tour  – A trip to Yogyakarta is not only to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city or go to the Yogyakarta Palace. There are many tourist destinations that you can explore while in Yogyakarta, one of which is the Jomblang Cave Tour. Not only famous for its beautiful south coast, but Yogyakarta also has a very interesting Jomblang cave to visit.

For tourists who are very interested in nature tourism, the Jomblang cave can be an option that must be visited when in Yogyakarta. The Jomblang Cave, located in Gunung Kidul, is a world geopark icon and is very famous for seeing the “light of heaven”.

Jomblang Cave is one of the hidden tourist destinations in Yogyakarta and has succeeded in attracting many foreign tourists to visit here. In this cave, you can enjoy a miracle and enjoy the light from underground.

It is this reflection of sunlight that enters the cave that makes Jomblang Cave a place to see the “light of heaven”. Before you visit the Jomblang cave, there are several things that you must prepare besides looking for tour packages.

jomblang cave tour

History of Jomblang Cave

Before you go on a tour of the Jomblang cave, there are several things you should know, especially the history behind the Jomblang cave. The history of this cave is unique and was formed millions of years ago due to geological activity which caused the ground to sink to the bottom of the earth.

Because of this natural phenomenon, a sinkhole with a diameter of 50 meters was formed. Residents call it “Luweng”, this is what makes Jomblang cave have a shape that is unique and belongs to the vertical cave type.

The shape of the Jomblang cave which is unique makes many visitors have to enter in a unique way, namely using the Single Rope technique. This technique is what makes Jomblang Cave attract many tourists because they are curious about how to explore vertical caves and enjoy the natural beauty inside.

The Jomblang cave track which is quite difficult requires a rope for the track. This rope is used by visitors to enter and exit the Jomblang cave. Interested in trying it?

This tour is an activity that you must try while on vacation in Yogyakarta. Not unique, this activity will test your adrenaline while entering the cave. Although difficult, you can enjoy a lot of natural beauty that is in it.

Then what are the activities that we will do during day tour Jomblang cave? Here are some of the activities you will do during the Jomblang Cave Tour:

Ticket Preparation and Travel to Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave is one of the most unique caves in the world. Its vertical shape makes for an amazing natural landscape. Residents call it an ancient forest because historically many animals have survived major disasters in the past.

A trip to Jomblang Cave is an extreme activity. Therefore, many things must be considered when preparing. Not only prepare funds, but you also have to prepare a lot of energy.

Then how to get to Jomblang cave from Yogyakarta? You can search for the most complete tour packages, starting from tickets to private drivers who will take you to Gunung Kidul. This activity will be very tiring, so the personal driver will provide comfort during the trip.

Look for the Jomblang Cave Tour which already offers entrance tickets to the Jomblang cave and its security tools. Because this trip is quite extreme, so you have to be safe during the trip. To explore the Jomblang cave, you have to prepare many things.

You can wear comfortable clothes such as trousers, and comfortable clothes and avoid wearing jeans because it will limit your movement. Also use shoes that are comfortable to wear, because trekking is quite difficult and will make you move a lot.

Jomblang Cave Exploration

Jomblang Cave has a unique shape, this is what makes sunlight enter the cave. This is what makes the Jomblang cave an icon of a tourist destination that must be visited. To get the “light surge” you can visit from 10 am to midnight.

This time is the best to see the light coming into the cave. At night, you can enjoy the beautiful stars from inside the cave.

For the exploration of the Jomblang cave, you will encounter many extreme things. Because of its vertical location, there are several accesses available to enter the cave. The height of access to enter the cave also varies, starting from 80 meters to 60 meters and 40 meters.

There is also a VIP lane that you can use to walk and roll over to get into the cave. In addition, you can enter the path using a 20-meter-long rope. Going into a damp cave will boost your adrenaline.

You will never forget the Jomblang Cave Tour because after entering the cave, you can only enjoy the light that enters the cave. There is the most beautiful spot that can be a memory, take a picture of yourself in the most beautiful spot of light in the cave.

Forest Exploration

As we know that the local people call the Jomblang cave an ancient forest. So that the forest becomes a tourist destination that should not be missed, before you even go to the Jomblang cave, you will enjoy the beauty of the ancient forest first.

Here you can enjoy the beauty of various types of plants that exist. Even though some trees are hundreds of years old, this giant tree is a very interesting highlight of the Jomblang Cave Tour.

This old forest is very interesting to explore. The environment is still very natural, especially with the uniqueness of the cave that you won’t find anywhere else. Apart from giant trees, you can also see many rare plants.

Jomblang Cave Tour is the best choice to boost your adrenaline. Besides enjoying the beauty of the beach in Gunung Kidul, you can also enjoy the natural beauty that was formed hundreds of years ago and make beautiful memories here. Feeling interested? Go visit us here!

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