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Private Car and Mini Bus Rental with Driver and Tour Service in Yogyakarta.

Jomblang Cave Tour – Exploring the Beauty of Cave for a Full Day

Jomblang Cave Tour – Exploring a vertical cave that is full of mysticism and dark history, Jomblang Cave will provide an adrenaline-pumping caving experience in Yogyakarta. Do you want to visit Jomblang Cave from Yogyakarta? There is an easiest way that you can do, namely taking a private tour to Jomblang Cave from Yogyakarta. You can also hire a private car with a driver to reach Jomblang Cave from Yogyakarta easily, safely and comfortably.

Jomblang Cave

Private Jomblang Cave Tour Package from Yogyakarta

There are many different cultures and interesting tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, one of which is Jomblang Cave. This cave is located in Jetis Wetan Village, Semanu, Gunungkidul, Special Region of Yogyakarta Province. The distance from the city center of Yogyakarta to Jomblang Cave is approximately 50 KM and can be reached using a private vehicle for a 90 minute drive. Jomblang Cave is famous all over the world because of the large amount of content spread on the internet and has been visited by thousands of tourists who come to Yogyakarta.

Maybe for tourists who only like city tourism, the name Jomblang Cave will be a little unfamiliar, but for some travelers who like challenges, they already know about Jomblang Cave. Among natural explorers, cave enthusiasts and backpackers, Jomblang Cave is a cave that is quite popular and has extraordinary beauty. In 2011, this cave was introduced to the world when it appeared on one of the sites on CBS TV’s real-life game show, The Amazing Race.

In Gunungkidul Yogyakarta, there are many caves, but one of the most famous is Jomblang Cave. This cave is a vertical cave that was formed through geological processes when the ground sank to the earth’s surface about thousands of years ago. The collapse of the land formed a hole with a diameter of approximately 50 meters which became the mouth of the cave. The hole in this area is called “Luweng” by local people, therefore Jomblang Cave is also known as Luweng Jomblang.

Jomblang Cave Tour

To go down to Jomblang Cave, you must have good caving skills, especially the Single Rope Technique (SRT) or using a single rope to climb and descend vertically. But for tourists who visit Jomblang Cave, they don’t need to understand this technique because it has been prepared by the manager of the Jomblang Cave tourist attraction. In the Jomblang Cave tour package, you will be guided by an experienced guide who will guide you until you reach the bottom of the cave.

In the caving activity at Jomblang Cave, you will descend through the lip of the 60 meter deep cave using only a rope. But you don’t need to worry, the equipment used has been safety tested. The journey from the retreat steps to the bottom of the cave will provide an unforgettable adventure experience. On the way to the main area, you can find large, lush trees as well as moss, ferns and bushes that decorate the inside of the cave. These ancient forests were formed from initial vegetation that continued to grow after its extinction and reached a very old age without significant disturbance, thus displaying unique ecological characteristics.

After walking approximately 300 meters from the lip of Jomblang Cave, you will find rays of sunlight coming from Grubug Cave. Here, two large brownish green stalagmites stand impressively on the cave floor. Towards noon, sunlight penetrates the eternal darkness creating a stunning view that is impossible to find anywhere else. The beautiful rays of light from the top of the cave that illuminate the stalactites and stalagmites and the bottom of the cave are so enchanting that some people even call it heavenly light.

To the north of the stone stalagmite is an underwater river. During the dry season, this river can be explored by using a rubber boat to follow the current. This river connects the bottom of the Grubug Cave with several other caves in the Karst Mountains. However, during the rainy season, the current tends to be heavy and the air height increases significantly. Therefore, boating in the rainy season is not advisable.

Prices for Jomblang Cave Tour Packages from Yogyakarta

Below is information on the price of a tour package to Jomblang Cave from Yogyakarta, but first find out the details of a full day tour to Jomblang Cave:

  • 7.00 am: We will pick you up at a hotel in the Yogyakarta area.
  • 7.00 am – 8.30 am: Drive to Jomblang Cave from the hotel you are staying at.
  • 8.30 am – 9.30 am: Arrive at Jomblang Cave, choose shoe size, enjoy hot coffee or tea, wait for caving activities to start.
  • 9.30 am – 13.00 pm: Caving in Jomblang Cave.
  • 13.00 pm – 14.30 pm: Leave Jomblang Cave and return to Yogyakarta.
  • 14.30 pm: Optional drop-off at Hotel or Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA).


  • During caving in Jomblang Cave, you will use prepared boots, it’s best to use sandals to make it easier.
  • Boots are available in the smallest size, size 25.
  • Bring the best camera to capture the moments of your adventure in Jomblang Cave.
  • Bring a extra clothes if you need them later.
  • Bring a shower cap from the hotel where you are staying as a cover for your hair before using a helmet.
  • Bring a headlamp/LED flashlight, or use a flashlight from your phone.

Number of ParticipantsPrice Per-Person
1 PaxIDR 1,200,000
2 PaxIDR 950,000
3 PaxIDR 800,000
4 PaxIDR 750,000
>5 PaxCall

For transfer to Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) after the Jomblang Cave tour is IDR 350,000/car.

Price Included

  • Car with good air conditioning
  • Personal driver
  • Jomblang Cave tickets
  • Caving equipment
  • Bottled water/Coffee/Tea
  • Lunch at Jomblang Cave

Price Not Included

  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance
  • Drop off at YIA Airport (Yogyakarta International Airport).

How to Book a Jomblang Cave Tour Package?

If you are interested and want to book a Jomblang Cave tour package from Yogyakarta, you can contact us via telephone/whatsapp: +6281373102009 or email: We can serve any number of you, starting from 1 participant to 80 participants. But you need to know, the tour at Jomblang Cave is limited to only 80 participants per day. It’s best if you want to go to Jomblang Cave, please order ticket availability in advance via this website.