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Jomblang Cave – Review, Location, Facilities and Ticket Prices

Jomblang Cave Tour in Yogyakarta – Has anyone ever been to Gunung Kidul? Gunung Kidul does have lots of tourist attractions that are worth exploring, such as this Jomblang Cave tourist destination.

Jomblang Cave is an interesting destination that presents the excitement of an adventure exploring caves with their own charm and beauty.

So, are you curious about the charm of this vertical cave, which is popular and frequently visited by tourists? Let’s look at some explanations about this beautiful and unique cave.

jomblang cave

Attractions of Jomblang Cave

Have you ever seen heaven’s light? If not, then it is true that you have to visit this tourist destination, Jomblang Cave. The reason is, here you will see the beauty of light emanating from the gaps in the cave that illuminates the flowstone.

This sunlight will form a pillar of light at the perfect time and looks very beautiful. The sun’s rays will be most visible at 10.00 am.

You can really use it as a background for your instagrammable photo spot. Apart from the heavenly light photo spot, the attraction of Jomblang Cave also lies in the water droplets that fall from above and form textured rocks.

It is estimated that the textured rocks around the heavenly light spot are quite old, because just 6-7 years to form lines on the rocks. Meanwhile, there are so many layers of lines on the rock.

Don’t worry, the excitement doesn’t just end there. For those of you who like extreme tourism, the activity of caving through dark, damp and rocky caves will definitely be very enjoyable and will get your adrenaline pumping.

Apart from the cave exploration activity, the trip to Jomblang Cave will also be very memorable with views of the ancient forest and the plants and vegetation that live around it.

In this forest, you will see several rare plants, there is even a type of tree that is estimated to have existed for millions of years, which is very extraordinary, isn’t it?

No less interesting than the tourist panorama is that when you go up and down to the cave, you will be pulled by local residents using pulleys.

jomblang cave tour

Location of Jomblang Cave

The location of Jomblang Cave itself is very strategic because it is not far from the city center, to be precise in Jetis, Pacarejo, Semanu, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region.

You can visit this cave from 09.00 in the morning until 14.00, so don’t miss it, okay, and don’t forget to note the opening hours.

Unfortunately, the road to the location is quite steep, not to mention if there is another vehicle coming in the opposite direction, you are guaranteed to have mixed feelings.

Even so, all of this will pay off with the beauty of Jomblang Cave.

Jomblang Cave Entry Ticket Prices

The entrance ticket to Jomblang Cave costs around IDR 500,000. Previously, you had to book first through the Instagram account @goa.jomblang. When booking, you only need to pay IDR 50,000 as a down payment and then make it in full on the spot.

Facilities at Jomblang Cave

Jomblang Cave offers a variety of facilities that will make you comfortable and also impressed. Some of the facilities provided include a large parking area, information center, guides, bathrooms, places of worship, clean water facilities, basecamp, luggage storage, caving equipment, even food.

The management will provide food after you cave, so you don’t need to worry about being hungry after exploring the vastness of the cave, OK?

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