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Kalibiru Natural Tourism – Attractions, Rides, Facilities, Location, and Ticket Prices

Kalibiru Natural Tourism – Tired of everyday activities? Going to a cool tourist spot with beautiful natural views could be an option to recover from tired physical and mental health.

There are many tourist destinations that are suitable for healing in Yogyakarta, such as Kalibiru Nature Tourism. This natural tourist attraction is quite famous and visited by many because of its extraordinarily beautiful natural charm.

The beautiful natural landscape, cool weather, and amazing views are really worth it  to visit. Apart from the views, Kalibiru Nature Tourism   also has many charms that must be visited. The following is a short review of Kalibiru Nature Tourism.

Kalibiru Natural Tourism

Attractions and Attractions in Kalibiru Nature Tourism

Situated at an altitude of 450 above sea level, Kalibiru Nature Tourism   presents beautiful views of the green hills of the valley and the very beautiful reservoir.

Along the road to the tourist attraction, visitors will be presented with rows of trees that provide shade and spoil the eyes.

Not only does it provide a panoramic view of the hills, but visitors who like various flowers will also be amazed by the many ornamental plants that grow abundantly and are well maintained, such as orchids, roses and lilies.

Visitors are guaranteed not to get bored if they go on holiday to Kalibiru Nature Tourism, because they can enjoy various activities and rides that are both exciting and interesting.

Some of the activities and rides at the Kalibiru Nature Tourism   itself include the following.

Photo Spot

For visitors who like photography and want to immortalize moments while on holiday here, you can try the various photo spots available at Kalibiru Nature Tourism  .

Visitors can take photos in various spots with a backdrop of green hills and mountains which will certainly beautify their social media pages.

There are also viewing posts with various unique shapes to make interesting photo spots, such as long, round, heart-shaped viewing posts and tree house viewing posts.

Canoe Flying

Kalibiru Nature Tourism also facilitates visitors who like extreme activities, such as flying canoe rides that allow you to float in the air. This flying canoe spot is a new ride at the Kalibiru Nature Tourism but has already attracted the attention of visitors.

Sky Bikes

Sky bike is one of the favorite attractions here. Visitors will be thrilled by riding a rope on a bicycle above the clouds.

High Rope games

Apart from sky bikes, there are still other challenging rides that make visitors exercise their heart, namely high ropes games. This ride will give you an unforgettable experience and will trigger your adrenaline.

This ride will make visitors walk along a path in the air with the safety equipment that has been provided.

Flying foxes

You certainly shouldn’t miss this ride when visiting the Kalibiru Nature Tourism,   because visitors will feel the sensation of sliding from a height while seeing the stunning views of greenery that are presented.


Several rides are suitable for visitors who like the sensation of an adrenaline-filled holiday. However, the management also provides rides and activities that tourists who are afraid of heights can try. Visitors can try trekking along a circular path along this tourist area.

Along the way, tourists will see various types of beautiful forest plants, follow small rivers, and see the charm of the famous Sermo Reservoir.

Kalibiru Natural Tourism Facilities

The facilities available at Kalibiru Nature Tourism consist of clean toilets, prayer room, parking area, food stalls and also a homestay. Unfortunately, there are only 6 homestays available with capacity for 10-15 people.

Kalibiru Nature Tourism Location

Kalibiru Nature Tourism is a quite strategic destination because it is not too far from the city center. The distance that needs to be covered from the city center to this tourist attraction is around 35 km with a travel time of 1 hour using motorized vehicles or 4-wheeled vehicles.

Kalibiru Nature Tourism is located on Jl Waduk Sermo, Kalibiru Hargowilis, Kokap District, Kulon Progo.

The route to this destination is quite good, it can be passed by two wheels to four wheels, with asphalt that doesn’t have many holes. It’s just that tourists are asked to be careful when driving because there will be quite a lot of descents and slightly steep inclines.

Kalibiru Nature Tourism   is open every day and on national holidays with operational hours from 08.00 to 16.00 in the afternoon.

Prices for Kalibiru Nature Tourism Tickets

Visitors who want to go on holiday to Kalibiru Nature Tourism   can prepare a budget with an entrance ticket of around IDR 10,000 not including parking, where the typical parking fee is Sus motorbike IDR 2,000 and car IDR 5,000.

This price does not include the fee for taking photos at the photo spots provided. Visitors have to pay around IDR 15,000 to take photos at the photo spot and IDR 35,000 to ride several of the existing rides.

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