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Kalya Hotel Yogyakarta, Accompany Your Vacation with Luxury Accommodations

Kalya Hotel Yogyakarta

Kalya Hotel Yogyakarta – Talking about holidays, of course, we are looking for something to entertain ourselves. So we will think about the budget before going on holiday. One of them is thinking about the hotel costs that will be used when at the destination. If you want to come to Yogyakarta, then Kalya Hotel could be your main choice.

Yogyakarta is known as a city that has its beauty for tourists. Visiting this city is the dream of everyone who loves traveling. And you can enjoy the city of Yogyakarta for several days and find comfortable and luxurious accommodation.

Like staying at the Kalya Hotel in the Yogyakarta area. Many interesting facilities will pamper guests who come to the hotel. This can certainly make guests satisfied during their stay at the hotel. With various facilities, you can consider this hotel as your main choice.

In this article, we want to review in more depth the Kalya Hotel in Yogyakarta. If you are interested in booking a room at this hotel, then this review will help. So, what is a complete review regarding this hotel in Yogyakarta? Follow the full review!

Facts Related to Kalya Hotel

1. Ideal Location

One thing that is worth considering if you want to visit a city is related to accommodation. If you want to come to Yogyakarta, then Kalya Hotel could be an option because its location is ideal. This hotel is on Jalan Gedongkuning Selatan Number 118, Kota Gede, Yogyakarta.

More precisely, it is around 2.78 km from the city center, 4.44 km from Yogyakarta Palace, and 4.79 km from Taman Sari. So your goal is to enjoy the beauty of the city

Yogyakarta can be helped by staying at this hotel. So that’s the first fact you should know about the Kalya Yogyakarta Hotel.

2. Main Facilities

Talking about accommodation or hotels, of course, we have to find out first about the main facilities. If you want to know the main facilities of Kalya Hotel, then this article is very appropriate. The main facilities offered by the hotel are Hygiene Plus, 24-hour check-in, and airport shuttle.

Apart from comfort, the hotel offers health for every visitor with these plus hygiene facilities. You can also check in at any time, even at midnight. So that’s the second fact you should know about the Kalya Hotel in the Yogyakarta area.

3. Other Facilities

Apart from the main facilities, Kalya Hotel also offers several other additional facilities. Such as a very large swimming pool for guests. There is also free Wi-Fi for every visitor who comes to the hotel. There is even luggage storage specifically for each guest.

Shuttle service, there is a Spa, 24-hour reception, and a very large parking area. These various additional facilities can certainly pamper hotel visitors. This can help you while you are in the city of Yogyakarta. So that’s the third fact you should know about the Kalya Yogyakarta Hotel. So are you interested?

Your goal in coming to the city of Yogyakarta is definitely to have fun. So it is appropriate for you to stay in a comfortable and luxurious place like Kalya Hotel. Especially after knowing the three interesting facts above which we have reviewed briefly and concisely.

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