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5 Attractions of Karimun Jawa Island and Fun Activities for Visitors

Karimun Jawa Island – The Karimun Jawa tourist destination is popular abroad. This tourist attraction on the island of Java has many features with unique attractions that other tourist destinations do not have.

Karimun Jawa Island

Karimun Jawa Islands Attraction

Karimunjawa Islands in Jepara, Central Java with various interesting tours. For example shark breeding, mangrove tracking to Joko Tuo Hill. There is a choice of Karimun Jawa packages offered by travel agents to attract tourists.

The underwater world is also an attraction for visitors. Apart from that, there are many other charms that can tempt tourists to come to this tiny island, including:

1. Clean Green Water

From afar, visiting these islands will offer views of the greenish water and it is quite clear. The thing is, there is algae that grows underwater which creates a green reflection on the water surface.

2. Beautiful trees

Karimunjawa is very well managed so that the environment is full of green trees and is cool. The beauty of the trees makes the atmosphere beautiful even though the heat sometimes hits during the day.

3. Cool

The many trees create very cool air which makes visitors feel comfortable. Relaxing for a while in the shade during the Karimun Jawa tour makes your mind fresh and comfortable for sleeping.

4. There are many choices of exciting activities that you must try

Visiting Karimunjawa wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t try out the various exciting water rides. Fans of snorkeling, diving and even banana boating must try this. Of course, visiting this archipelago will provide an endlessly exciting experience.

5. Instagramable photo spots

The beautiful islands are full of natural beauty. Visitors can take photos, create videos and even create content while in Karimunjawa. Instagramable photo spots are available at any angle so visitors won’t be bored.

Karimunjawa’s attractive charm can be supported by various exciting activities for visitors. Visitors can snorkel, dive and fish. Apart from that, swim, watch the sunset, sunrise, shop and enjoy typical Karimunjawa culinary delights.

Paths and Routes to the Location

To arrive at this beautiful island, visitors need to go to Jepara first and then continue via two alternative routes, namely:

1. Ocean Route

Sea routes are available via express ship at a cost of around IDR 150,000. If you want cheap prices, you can rent a Muria boat from Kartini Beach for around IDR 60,000. Travel time is approximately 5-6 hours travel time.

2. Air Line

If you choose the air route, the travel time to the island will be around 30 minutes faster. The view from the air is quite beautiful and pretty, it just requires more expensive funds.

The choice of route depends on visitors looking at their respective conditions and preparing existing funds.

If you have arrived and are not using private vehicles, visitors can explore the area by renting a two-wheeled vehicle. Renting a motorbike can maximize time to go to the desired place.

Renting a motorbike per day is only around Rp. 100,000. Meanwhile, if you enter several tourist spots, you will be charged Rp. 150,000 and you can explore the destination as much as you like.

The facilities on the islands are quite complete, such as toilets at each destination, parking lots and boats as a connection between the islands. Traveling in Karimunjawa is not enough for just one day so there are many accommodations available at varying prices.

Starting from cheap to expensive, everything is completely available. By staying overnight you will have more time to explore every corner of the island and enjoy the attractions.

Coming to Karimun Jawa will not only see the beautiful islands, but other attractions that are no less beautiful. You also have to try the fun of the activity so that you can save memories when you return home.

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