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Kimaya Sudirman Yogyakarta by Harris – For a Comfortable and Enjoyable Stay

Private Car with Driver Near Kimaya Sudirman Yogyakarta by Harris

Kimaya Sudirman by Harris – Looking for accommodation at Kimaya Sudirman Yogyakarta by Harris is something that many people do to get comfort. Especially for those of you who are lazy about doing various kinds of activities outside. Sometimes healing in a hotel is also a fun thing. Therefore, choosing a suitable hotel is also important.

The Excitement of Kimaya Sudirman by Harris

Before deciding where to stay, you can choose well first. There is no need to panic or rush in making decisions. There are various other places to choose from. However, it would be better if you knew the information about this hotel. The following are various conveniences that are ready to be offered:

Is there Wi-Fi

The first thing that many people are looking for is a smooth internet network. With the right internet network, you can comfortably do various things. For example, uploading various photos to social media. Apart from that, you can also do other things because there is a smooth network at Kimaya Sudirman by Harris.

There is parking

Apart from the importance of the presence of wifi, you will also look for a convenient parking place. This hotel in Jogja provides parking for you. The location is on the property so you don’t need to make a reservation for parking. Many people need this free private parking so they don’t have to worry about looking for a parking space outside.

Outdoor facilities available

Apart from the comfort provided, Kimaya Sudirman Yogyakarta by Harris still offers other things in the form of outdoor facilities. This is needed for those of you who are going on a staycation. There is a wide range of outdoor furniture right down to BBQ facilities. However, you need to pay additional costs for various types of furniture.

Lots of food and drink

Don’t worry, if you are the type of person who is lazy about making various kinds of preparations for traveling, this hotel is a satisfying choice. There are various kinds of fruit, right down to wine and champagne. You only need to spend extra money on this menu. There are children’s meals for an additional fee too.

Kimaya Sudirman by Harris also provides various kinds of child-friendly buffets with special diet menus. This diet menu can be adjusted according to your requests too.

There is a snack bar for breakfast in the room. There is also a bar and restaurant at the hotel.

There can be lots of activities

You can do various kinds of activities at this hotel because of the many rooms provided too. There is an indoor play area, where you can play board games and puzzles. For other activities, there is still table tennis and also a children’s club. Not only that, there are other activities at additional costs.

Lots of rooms

Kimaya Sudirman by Harris, which is located in Jogja, also offers convenience in room selection. There are various types of rooms that you can choose according to the number of people. There are large to smaller rooms with a choice of mattresses to suit too. You don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable because everything is air-conditioned.

These are some of the comforts you will get if you choose Kimaya Sudirman by Harris as a place to stay. Many people also choose this place because it gives a pleasant impression. Apart from that, the price is also affordable if you look at the facilities offered. You will feel satisfied with your stay.

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