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Le Mandarin Spa – Luxurious Spa in Havelock Rd, #01-711, Singapore

Le Mandarin Spa

Le Mandarin Spa – Le Mandarin Spa is a luxurious spa destination that is perfect for pampering your body and mind. Situated in a strategic location, Le Mandarin Spa offers guests an unforgettable spa experience. With a team of experienced therapists and high-quality services, this spa ensures that every visit is a wonderful experience.

Le Mandarin Spa Singapore

  • Address: 22 Havelock Rd, #01-711, Singapore 160022
  • Phone: +65 6377 0628
  • Website:
  • Services: Cupping Treatment 拔罐 – Duration varies, Ear Candling 耳烛 – 20mins, Ear Refreshing 采耳 – 20mins, Foot Reflexology 脚底按摩, Le Mandarin Hot Oil Therapy, Oriental Massage + Foot Reflexology Combo (60mins), Oriental Massage 中式按摩, Scrape Therapy 刮痧 – Duration varies, Oriental Massage + Foot Reflexology Combo (90mins)

Le Mandarin Spa offers a wide range of spa treatments specifically designed to meet individual needs. From traditional relaxing massages to deeper body treatments, there is something for every guest here. All treatments are carried out with high quality products that provide real benefits for the health and beauty of the skin.

In addition to special treatments, Le Mandarin Spa also offers complete facilities such as a jacuzzi, sauna and exclusive relaxation room. All these facilities are designed to provide a comprehensive experience for guests who wish to spend their valuable time in a relaxed manner.

All staff at Le Mandarin Spa are experienced professionals in this industry. They are ready to help guests with expert advice and understand the individual needs of each guest. Friendly and caring service is a top priority at this spa.

If you’re looking for a place to de-stress, restore balance or simply pamper yourself, Le Mandarin Spa is the perfect choice. With its calm and relaxing atmosphere, and high-quality service, this spa has earned a reputation as one of the best spa destinations in the city.

So, if you want to experience a luxurious sensation and unparalleled treatment, visit Le Mandarin Spa now. Enjoy the beauty and comfort on offer, and let our professional team revive your body and mind.

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