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The Tourist Charm of Malioboro Street That Should Not Be Missed

Malioboro Street Yogyakarta – It doesn’t feel complete if you visit Jogja without stopping by Malioboro. One of the main streets of Yogyakarta is a favorite place to hang out, relax and take photos. Even though it’s just a street, Malioboro has many special features so it is often visited by tourists.

Malioboro Street Yogyakarta

What is Malioboro Street?

Malioboro is one of the central roads of Yogyakarta city which stretches from the Jogja monument to Mangkubumi, Malioboro and Jendral Ahmad Yani streets. Malioboro itself is the axis of the imaginary line from the Jogja Palace. The name Malioboro comes from Sanskrit which means flower garland.

Malioboro’s Attraction

Malioboro is so iconic for the city of Jogja, the local government has even implemented a motor vehicle-free regulation. So tourists who visit Malioboro can feel more comfortable because there are no vehicles milling about, except special vehicles, such as ambulances, fire engines, and others. This rule is valid from 6 am to 10 pm only.

Throughout Malioboro, there are many street vendors selling typical Jogja food. The price is affordable and the taste is delicious. Some of the Jogja culinary delights that you can find on this street include gudeg, nasi ikan, chicken satay, ginger wedang, godog noodles, pecel, soto, gado-gado, fried rice, kere satay, and many more.

As a substitute for not having a vehicle, visitors who want to get around Malioboro can ride a buggy or pedicab. Andong is a means of transportation that is drawn by horses. The size of the Jogja carriage is a little more unique because it is large and elongated so that it can accommodate more passengers.

Apart from the famous lesehan culinary delights, Malioboro is also filled with shops selling typical Jogja knickknacks, such as batik, handicrafts, t-shirts, bakpia and others. Jogja batik has its own motifs that are its trademark.

What Things Can Be Done in Malioboro?

When visiting Malioboro, what can you do there?


The first thing that can be done is culinary. Typical Jogja food, especially gudeg, has an extraordinary taste, sweet, salty, savory, with medok spices that make anyone who tastes it fall in love.

Shopping for souvenirs

Along Jalan Malioboro, there are many souvenir shops selling various Jogja characteristics at cheap prices.

Take a ride on Andong

Riding a car may be normal for you, but what it would feel like to ride Andong and go around Malioboro will definitely be a different memory that you will never forget.

Rent a scooter

Apart from the carriage, you can enjoy Malioboro by renting an electric scooter. There’s no need to be confused about looking for a rental place, because along Malioboro there are lots of scooters that you can rent.

Immortalize the Moment by Taking Photos

Malioboro is an icon that is very closely associated with Jogja, so the government pays special attention to this area. Malioboro Street is very beautifully decorated with lights and well-maintained gardens. Here you can take photos in front of road signs, under lamp posts, park benches and so on.

How to Go to Malioboro Street

Malioboro is one of three roads in the city of Jogja that stretches from Tugu Jogja to the post office. Tourists visiting can walk from Tugu Station.

Malioboro Opening Times

Malioboro can be visited at any time because it is open 24 hours. It’s just that there are certain times that this road will be very busy with enthusiastic visitors, namely afternoon until evening.

Malioboro Entry Tickets

It’s free. However, you will be charged a parking fee if driving a private vehicle.

A tip that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Malioboro is to make it a habit to ask the price before ordering food. This applies to eating places that do not list prices on their menu.

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