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Mangunan Fruit Garden, Recommended Holiday Spots in Jogja

Mangunan Fruit Garden – Yogyakarta or Jogja has long been a topic of conversation among local and foreign travelers.

The city, which is also known as Gudheg City, provides a variety of interesting tourist destinations, one of which is the Mangunan Fruit Garden which is in the Dlingo District, Bantul Regency.

If you have heard of the Imogiri Pine Forest tour then you should also know more information about this fruit garden.

Mangunan Fruit Garden

Brief Information Regarding the Mangunan Fruit Garden

This fruit garden is located at an altitude of 200 MDPL and was built in 2003 on an area of 23 hectares. Here, you will find various types of shady fruit trees ranging from durian, mango, orange, matoa, soursop and don’t miss out on various vegetables.

Apart from that, the presence of pine forests in this fruit garden area adds to its beauty and charm. So, if you want to do a bit of hiking, this fruit garden could be the right tourist destination.

Attraction of Mangunan Jogja Fruit Garden

Because it is located in a highland area, the view around this fruit garden is automatically very amazing. It feels like being in the Land Above the Clouds when visiting there.

From the edge of the bridge, you can enjoy views of the hills complete with white clouds or light mist. If by chance it’s not foggy, you can even see the view of Bantul City, the Oya River and Parangtritis Beach from a height. Really interesting, right?

Holiday activities at Mangunan Fruit Farm

You can do various tourist activities in the Mangunan Fruit Garden area, including learning to plant tree seedlings in special land, studying various types of plants and making fertilizer, trying various outbound rides, and finding various instagrammable photo spots.

In this place there is also land for cattle breeding which visitors can use as a learning facility.

The management of the Jogja Mangunan Fruit Garden also provides various facilities that visitors can use, such as a camping area, rocking bridge, downhill cycling track and cross-legged gazebo for resting.

It’s not surprising that this place is almost never empty of visitors, especially at weekends or during the holiday season.

The pine forest in the fruit garden area can be a track for a leisurely walk or jog. The views are also very pleasing to the eye, so it’s no wonder that many people want to come here to take fun selfies or even for pre-wedding photos.

How to get to the location of the Mangunan Fruit Garden

If you want to visit the Mangunan Fruit Garden using a private or rented vehicle from the center of Jogja, you can go straight to the southern ringroad to reach the Giwangan intersection.

From this intersection, take the south direction (Jalan Imogiri Timur) and stay on this road until you find Imogiri Market, not far from this market you will come to a T-junction with a banyan tree in the middle.

At this T-junction, you have to turn justify until you meet another T-junction and follow the signpost to the fruit garden. If you are still confused, you can use Google Maps on your phone for more accurate directions.

Information on opening hours and entry ticket prices for the Mangunan Fruit Garden

With all the attraction and charm of the extraordinary Jogja Mangunan Fruit Garden,  you don’t need to dig deep into your pockets, just IDR 5,000,- plus parking IDR 3,000 for motorbikes and IDR 5,000 for cars. This garden opens at 05.00 am until late afternoon.

Interested there? Come on, plan your trip starting from now.

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