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Merapi Lava Tour – Private Car with Driver for Merapi Jeep Lava Tour

Merapi Lava TourLava Tour Merapi is a touring tour activity by driving an open jeep in the Merapi Slope area. You can see a variety of beautiful scenery, one of which is the magnificent Mount Merapi. Lava Tour invites you to tour the slopes of Merapi using various types of Jeep. You can also visit some interesting places too while doing this tour.

Merapi Lava Tour

Lava Tour Merapi Operating Hours

The lava tour starts from early in the morning until late in the afternoon. If you want to enjoy the best experience, especially for watching the scenery, you must make sure to come during the dry season. You can access this tourist spot every day, but it is usually always booked during weekends or holidays.

The important thing to note about the Lava Tour Merapi tour package is that its activities will depend on the status or condition of Mount Merapi. If when Mount Merapi is active, the tour will be temporarily closed first until conditions are confirmed to be safe. The operating hours for the lava tour Merapi by jeep tour are 04.30-18.00 WIB.

Lava Tour Merapi Package and Price

There are various Lava Tour package options that you can find at Hire Driver Yogyakarta. The price of each tour package varies and each tour package includes admission fees at certain stopping points. For those of you who come with friends, there is no need to worry because this package includes groups. If you want to know the price for Merapi lava tour, here are the details.

  • Sunrise Trip (For 4 People): IDR 500,000
  • Sunrise Long Trip (For 4 People): IDR 600,000
  • Super Long Trip (For 4 People): IDR 700,000
  • Long Trip (For 4 People): IDR 600,000
  • Medium Trip (For 4 People): IDR 500,000
  • Short Trip (For 4 People): IDR 400,000

Now that you know the Lava Tour package price list, you need to know how to get tickets for Merapi lava tour. But before that, learn the details of some of the trip packages above.

1. Lava Tour Merapi Sunrise Trip

Sunrise tour is a popular tour package because many tourists go to this place to enjoy the sunrise. They do not have to climb the mountain to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. You will be taken by jeep to the ideal spot to see the sunrise.

You won’t get tired quickly when you reach this amazing location. While the duration of the trip is 150 minutes, the activity usually starts at 04.30. Sunrise can be seen at 05.00-05.30. Sunrise can be seen on the slopes of Mount Merapi.

This one trip is quite different from other types of trips from Lava Tour because you will start before dawn. We are required to gather at the base camp area so that we can be picked up by the driver. Usually, the sunrise spot will be crowded if you come on holiday.

There are still many things to do in Merapi Volcano, after you watch the sunrise, you are also invited to visit interesting attractions around the area such as Kaliadem Bunker, Mini Museum, and Stonehenge. Sunrise Trip is quite kid-friendly as long as an adult accompanies them.

2. Lava Tour Merapi Short Trip

Another trip package option provided by Lava Tour Merapi is the Short Trip. This trip package can be followed by small families or those with children. When doing a short trip, the time is quite short compared to several other types of trips, around 60-70 minutes.

The track is shorter at only 12 kilometers. On this trip package, visitors will visit several tourist attractions. The usual Jeep Tour route is to the Mini Museum-Lost World-Bunker Kaliadem. Other alternative routes can visit Mbah Maridjan’s house or Stonehenge.

In addition to the journey not being too long, the route is also quite comfortable. When you are taken on a Jeep ride, you can take pictures of the amazing atmosphere around you. Lava Tour organizers will provide helmets to better protect you during the jeep trip.

3. Lava Tour Merapi Medium Trip

As the name of this trip, the trip will be at a medium level, which is 15 kilometers. With the Medium Trip from Lava Tour Merapi, you can visit 3 or 4 tourist destinations with a duration of 120 minutes. Not only suitable for those of you who vacation with colleagues or friends, this trip can also be chosen for those of you who come with family.

Choose when is the best time to start this trip. Usually, visitors do the Medium Trip at 08.00 in the morning, the reason is that the weather there is not yet hot. Because this area has a lot of dust, it is highly recommended to do the trip in the afternoon or morning.

With Medium Trip, you and your group can visit Kaliadem Bunker, Mini Museum, Stonehenge, and Maridjan’s house. The details of the trip route can be customized according to your wishes. Like other trips, the jeep can carry 4 people, while the calculation of the trip rate is not individual.

4. Lava Tour Merapi Long Trip

This is the trip package with the longest route from Lava Tour Merapi. The distance for this trip is 18 kilometers, while the duration of the trip is 180 minutes. When choosing Long Trip, you will visit at least 5 tourist attractions. If you want to be more satisfied enjoying the Jeep Tour, you can choose the Long Trip with a fare of IDR 600,000.

For each trip available, you don’t need to drive or substitute a driver as an experienced driver will drive the Jeep for you for the duration. There are many places you will visit with the Long Trip. You can visit Lost World, Maridjan House, Mini Museum, Stonehenge, and Kaliadem Bunker. Then on the other trip route, there are flexible choices according to your wishes, which are maneuvering the Jeep in Kali Kuning, visiting Batu Alien, Kaliadem Bunker, or Mini Museum.

Whether it’s with friends or with family, you can choose this trip. You can decide when is the best time to start the trip. If you choose to try maneuvers, you better prepare a raincoat. Splashes of water from the river can wet your body due to the maneuvering activity.

Initially, Merapi tours were conducted using only trail vehicles. Due to the eruption that occurred in 2010, the “face” around the slopes of Merapi changed. Some tourist spots were destroyed or drowned due to lava. The use of Jeeps as provided by Lava Tour Merapi became a solution step because it is stronger, more exciting, and safer.

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