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5 Official Merbabu Trekking Routes, From Selo to Thekelan

Merbabu Trekking – You can do the Merbabu trekking climb via 5 official routes or routes. Each path shows the charm of Merbabu from a different perspective.

For nature lovers, especially those who like climbing, coming back there is what they miss the most.

Merbabu Trekking

A Glimpse into Mount Merbabu

Getting to the top of Merbabu requires climbing with special preparation so that the body is strong and healthy. This mountain with a height of 1,345 meters above sea level is a stratovolcano type and has been inactive since 1797.

The mountain area is included in 3 districts, namely Magelang, Boyolali and Semarang, all of which are areas of Central Java. Merbabu Peak is one of the highest, to be precise number 8 below Mount Welirang and above Mount Sindoro.

Climbers are of course familiar with Kenteng Songo Peak, Triangulasi Peak and Syarif Peak. A peak that gives a deep impression and a special moment at the end of every climb.

Merbabu Trekking

5 Official Merbabu Trekking Trails

Currently, Merbabu has become an Indonesian national park and has changed from a forest area to TNGMb (Mount Merbabu National Park).

Climbing Mount Merbabu can be via Selo (the easiest), Mount Merbabu via Suwanting, Wekas, Cuntel and Thekelan. Climbing is expected to take place via official routes such as the following:

1. Merbabu via Selo

To start climbing the Selo route, start access from Genting Hamlet. This beautiful village is in Tarubatang Village, Selo District, Boyolali Regency. The Selo route is chosen by many Merbabu trekking climbers because the path is easier and more comfortable than other routes.

The track from Selo to Merbabu takes approximately 5.6 kilometers. Along the way, climbers will be treated to enchanting views ranging from beautiful expanses of savanna, captivating grasslands to very beautiful edelweiss.

2. Merbabu via Suwanting

Climbers who choose the route via Suwanting will start via Suwanting Hamlet. The village is part of Banyuroto Village, Sawangan District, Magelang.

Not much different from the Selo route, the views along the way are extra beautiful and beautiful. The track is quite challenging for courage with magnificent views of Mount Sindoro, Sumbing and Merapi.

From this track, Suwanting, Dieng is also visible although it is further away than the others. Grass fields and wide hills are companions along the journey with a distance of about 5 kilometers.

3. Merbabu via Cuntel

Climbing via Cuntel starts from Cuntel Hamlet which is located in Kopeng, Getasan, Semarang Regency, Central Java. When you reach the middle of the mountain peak, climbers will pass the Transmitter Post.

The distance between Cuntel and Merbabu is approximately 5.7 kilometers. The climb is quite pleasant with a track that is not that difficult to follow.

4. Merbabu via Wekas

The Wekas to Merbabu route starts from Wekas District which is in Pakis District, Magelang. The tracks vary with Budeng Langurs, Dead Crater and Long-tailed Monkeys.

The distance is around 8.1 kilometers and the scenery is no less beautiful than other routes.

5. Merbabu via Thekelan

Thekelan is the name of a village in Kopeng, Getasan, Semarang District, Central Java. The Thekelan route with a distance of around 6.8 kilometers to reach Merbabu.

There is something slightly different about this route because there is a green base camp. Thekelan as a complete track with solar cells and library. Apart from that, there is clean, ready-to-drink water which makes it easier for climbers when they get thirsty.

Each trekking has its own advantages with the charm of its incomparable beautiful panorama. If you want to trek Merbabu, check the location and make sure you make thorough preparations with adequate logistics.

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