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Ullen Sentalu Museum Cultural Destination in Yogyakarta

Ullen Sentalu Museum Yogyakarta – Dubbed as a student city, Yogyakarta is always missed by many people. It’s not surprising, because this city has many favorite tourist attractions, from natural, historical to cultural tourism.

One of Yogyakarta’s proud cultural tourist destinations is the Ullen Sentalu Museum. Presenting an array of unique and interesting charms that are worth visiting, this museum also holds a large collection of history from the past. Interested to visit this museum? Come on, let’s look at some explanations about the charm of the Ullen Sentalu Museum first.

Ullen Sentalu Museum

History of the Ullen Sentalu Museum

The Ullen Sentalu Museum was established on the initiative of the Haryono family and the Ulating Blencong Foundation which was later founded by the Jogja government. This museum was inaugurated on 1 March 1997 by KGPPA Paku Alam VIII who was the Governor of Yogyakarta at that time.

The name Ullen Sentalu is an acronym for the Javanese saying Ulating Blencong Sejatining Tataraning Lumaku. If this philosophy is translated into Indonesian, it means the stretching of the light of a lamp to illuminate humanity. The hope is that this museum will become a reminder for a nation of its identity and culture that has been instilled since time immemorial.

The Attraction of the Ullen Sentalu Museum

When entering the gate, visitors will be amazed by the gardens, gates, pools and walls that reflect the grandeur of their ancestors since the Majapahit era. Visitors are usually amazed by the beauty of the architecture and the various collections at the Ullen Sentalu Museum.

The Ullen Sentalu Museum carries a strong combination of Javanese and medieval European gothic and is equipped with gardens and unique sculptures in several corners, giving a very mystical impression.

The collections in the museum are gifts from private collections from nobles, princes and royal families.

These nobles from the Mataram kingdom in Jogja and Solo provided their personal collections for research and study purposes so that they could enrich the treasures of Indonesian culture.

The collections at the Ullen Sentalu Museum itself have two types, consisting of narrative collections and permanent collections. The narrative collection at the museum takes the form of a masterpiece of paintings on display. Usually the guides will explain the significance and significance behind the painting.

Apart from that, there is also a collection of written literary works from the royal nobility which shows that their literary abilities were very rich.

The Ullen Sentalu Museum offers the concept of learning history, art and culture in the midst of natural mountains. Visitors will usually feel as if they are at home with a very real feel of the past. They will feel like they are Alice in Wonderland who opens a window and goes back to the past, to the 1900s to be precise.

Ullen Sentalu Museum

Location and Opening Hours of the Ullen Sentalu Museum

The Ullen Sentalu Museum is located in a mountainous area, specifically on Jl. Boyong No. KM 25. Kaliurang, Hargobinangun, Kec. Package, Sleman Regency.

Ullen Sentalu Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 08.30 to 15.15 WIB. Specially closed on Sundays, but on weekends and national holidays it remains open.

Ullen Sentalu Museum Facilities

The facilities provided by the museum will really give visitors convenience and comfort. Some of these facilities include tour guides, restaurants, toilets, and gift shops.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Ullen Sentalu Museum

Interested in visiting the Ullen Sentalu Museum? Before visiting, it’s a good idea to prepare a budget for the entrance ticket, right? Well, there are two types of entrance tickets to the Ullen Sentalu Museum, namely the Adiluhung Mataram Tour and the Vorstenlanden Tour.

The Adiluhung Matarang tour costs around IDR 50,000 and includes an introduction to the history, art, culture and philosophy of Java from the four kingdoms through paintings, photos, batik poetry and other collections.

Meanwhile, the Vorstenlanden Tour costs around IDR 100,000 where tourists can relive the golden age of the Surakarta Kasunanan and the Yogyakarta Sultanate.

Visitors will also be introduced to Indic culture, a Javanese-Dutch-Chinese acculturation culture in Java. The tour will end with a coffee break, where visitors will enjoy the Beukenhof Bakkerij and homemade cookies from the museum.

This price includes an interactive tour guide facility explaining all things related to the museum to tourists.

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