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Nanamia Pizzeria: This is All About Pizza and Typical Italian Culinary Delights

Nanamia Pizzeria Yogyakarta

Nanamia Pizzeria – For young people, pizza is a favorite menu to order when visiting a typical Italian restaurant. Apart from pizza, there are pasta, antipasti, and cheese with delicious and tempting tastes. This article will explain in detail about various typical Italian restaurants, namely Nanamia Pizzeria.

There are not many restaurants that provide typical Italian food in the city of Jogja. But don’t worry, there is a restaurant that serves Italian food, there are many unique things in it. It turns out that what is even more amazing is that this restaurant has been around for quite a long time, namely around 10 years.

Nanamia pizzeria itself is a name that is very Italian, the name is taken from a restaurant that sells pizza in Italy. Because this Italian pizza is different from the usual pizza that we often encounter in several modern restaurants in other cities.

Nanamia Pizzeria

Nanamia Pizzeria Restaurant Review

The atmosphere created by this restaurant is very strong with an Italian feel. As soon as you enter, you will see a building like the first Moses Gatotkaca restaurant in the Tirtopuran area. Why is it called that? Because there is Italian music accompanying us to eat.

The atmosphere is dim at night, like at dusk and the atmosphere is serene as today’s children say. To combine this serene feeling, of course, the restaurant’s wall ornaments are also made serene with the dominant orange color around it. Nanamia Pizzeria is an interesting restaurant to visit.

What’s more interesting is that there is a giant map of Italia displayed in the corner of this room which says ‘laucina tradizionale della mamma’. This article is the tagline of a typical Italian restaurant in the city of Jogja, which means ‘cooking like mother’s cooking at home’.

So Nanamia Pizzeria has its unique criteria, this restaurant carries a semi-outdoor concept. It’s comfortable because in this restaurant you will see a very free view of people passing by outside the restaurant.

The interesting part is that there is a replica of a traditional stove, this spot is a place for visitors who come to take photos. Different from the Nanamia Moses branch which is more private and modern. The concept is similar to a backyard garden, so it is far from noise.

Food Menu at Nanamia Pizzeria

Food Menu at Nanamia Pizzeria

So, after seeing the nuances and concept of the Nanamia Pizzeria restaurant, you also have to know what menus are available. Many favorite menus will not disappoint you, the best dishes are always served to visitors. In terms of taste and appearance, it is very tempting.

One of the famous menus at this restaurant is Quattro stagioni, you can order an authentic pizza pan from Italiaa. This menu contains a combination of tomato sauce, children’s favorite mozzarella cheese, paprika, beef salami, mushrooms, and minced beef which adds flavor.

The pizza is baked in a traditional oven which makes the taste even more unique. The texture is chewy in the middle and crispy on the edges, the aroma of the pizza at Nanamia Pizzeria is also slightly burnt making it different from pizza restaurants in general.

Apart from that, you can also order several slices of dry bread topped with diced tomatoes. If you come here, don’t forget to order a warm drink or special drink, which is a combination of fresh oranges, lychees, and mint.

That’s a brief review of the Nanamia Pizzeria restaurant that you can visit on the weekend with your family.

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