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Nglambor Beach has Millions of Enchantments, A Snorkeling Spot with the Most Beautiful Underwater Views

Nglambor Beach – The sound of the waving wind with millions of almost perfect charms makes Nglambor Beach popular with travelers. This beautiful beach is located between two beaches that are no less popular, Indrayanti and Pok Tunggal.

Nglambor Beach

Location, Ticket Prices, Parking Fees, Opening and Closing Hours and Facilities

Nglambor is famous for its coral reefs and beautiful underwater views. If from Jogja, to get to the location you can go via Jalan Imogiri or Jalan Wonosari. The road is asphalt so travelers are guaranteed comfort throughout the journey.

Nglambor Beach

When heading to the location, travelers will be treated to beautiful views and millions of incomparable charms. To get to the beach, here is the information you need to know, namely:

1. Location

The beach is located in Purwodadi Village, Tepus District. The area is in the Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta Region.

2. Ticket Prices

Entry tickets to the beautiful Nglambor Beach are priced at IDR 10,000.

3. Parking Fees

Car parking fee is IDR 5,000 and motorbike IDR 3,000.

4. Opening and closing hours

This beautiful and beautiful beach starts to open and close at 07.30-17.00 WIB.

5. Facilities

The facilities are quite complete, consisting of prayer rooms, toilets, snorkeling equipment rental places, food stalls and motorbike taxi services and accommodation.

Travelers can enjoy the millions of charms of Nglambor in comfort, calm and of course refreshing the mind.

Nglambor Beach

Millions of Charms of Nglambor Beach, Snorkelling and Activities that Visitors Can Do

The exotic Nglambor beach has extraordinary charm. Each part of the beach has its own unique characteristics which can be interesting photo spots. Another charm of Nglambor includes:

1. Underwater Charm

The clear sea water creates beautiful underwater scenery. Coral reefs with their beautiful marine life are a particular charm for Nglambor.

Various types of beautiful colorful fish will spoil the eyes of travelers plus the water is an exotic blue color. Visitors who want to immortalize the millions of underwater charms can rent snorkeling equipment.

2. Snorkeling

For those who like snorkeling, tourists can see the underwater view more freely. Shells, fish, beautiful coral reefs will accompany travelers who carry out this exciting activity.

There’s no need to worry about bringing equipment from home because there is a snorkeling equipment rental service for Nglambor Beach at pocket-friendly prices. When snorkeling, you still have to protect nature by not destroying or disturbing marine biota.

3. Underwater Photographs

When visiting Gunung Kidul Beach, don’t forget to take cool underwater photos. Prepare a waterproof camera case so that you get optimal shots and don’t damage the camera.

4. Trekking Route

The Nglambor location is one of the hill climbing routes which has captivating views. Travelers can explore millions of charms by immortalizing various special moments.

5. Exploring the Beach

Along the beach is full of beautiful natural beauty. Every piece dazzles the eye. Apart from snorkeling and playing in the water, tourists can freely explore every corner of the beach. Take every angle just right to get the best photo results.

If you are bored and exhausted, visitors can enjoy local specialties at the stalls around the beach. Seafood, souvenirs and beautiful knickknacks will add to memories about Nglambor.

When you’re bored and your mind needs refreshing, going to Nglambor Beach can be on your holiday agenda. The atmosphere, coolness and snorkeling with beautiful underwater biota will give you millions of unforgettable moments.

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