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Pangandaran Beach – Attractions and Activities Visitors Can Do

Pangandaran Beach – The beauty of Pangandaran Beach never goes out of style. From its history alone, it can be seen that this beach, which has been around since the Dutch colonial era in 1923, is still enchanting and many people fall in love with it.

Pangandaran Beach

Overview of Pangandaran

There are still those who don’t know where Pangandaran Beach is? The beach is in West Java and has been named the best beach in West Java by Asia Rooms.

Its beauty has made Unesco, an international organization in the fields of education, science and culture, propose it as a Global Geopark.

The beach started to open as a tourist destination in 2012 and was immediately visited by many tourists. The white sand is truly stunning, making visitors fall in love with it and like to linger on the beach.


Attractions and Activities Visitors Can Do

Pangandaran Beach tourism is full of attractions not found on other beaches. Visitors can do a lot of fun with family or close friends, namely:

Beautiful View

It’s no wonder that this beach has quite beautiful and beautiful views. The panorama of soft white sand and the beautiful horizon can leave visitors stunned.

The beauty of the beach is also beyond doubt. Visitors can explore it to take cool and cute photos.

It’s just that because it is quite popular, the beach is usually busy at weekends or holidays. For more freedom to explore the beach, you can come on weekdays.

Water Sports Rides

Water sports fans will certainly not waste the opportunity to try the water sports rides on the beach. There are many choices, such as banana boats and jet sky.

Riding a banana boat with loved ones while traveling is very exciting. Added to this is the excitement of the jet sky ride which can shake up the adrenaline of tourists.

If you want to see the beauty of marine life complete with coral reefs, you can choose to snorkel. There are also diving facilities which are certainly more interesting for visitors.

Enjoy Sunset and Sunrise

This everyday natural phenomenon is still interesting if seen from the beach. If you want to see it, you can stay near the beach. Lodging prices are quite affordable to suit your existing budget.

Watching the Sea

Visitors who come during the month of Suro in Java can witness a national event in the form of Hajat Laut. The event of releasing offerings into the sea as an expression of gratitude to God for the abundance of sea catches.

The event was quite interesting and showed the local wisdom of local residents who still uphold Javanese culture.

Witness the Kite Festival

Not only national or local events, because in Pangandaran there is a Kite Festival which is usually held in June or July.

This event was attended by local and foreign tourists with interesting performances in the form of music concerts and ronggeng dances.

All the charm of the attraction with various activities means that Pangandaran is never empty of visitors.

Address, Ticket Prices, Opening and Closing Times and Facilities

Want to surf beach? Can check the information here.

1. Address

The beach is situated in Pangandaran, Ciamis, West Java.

2. Ticket Prices

Tickets are quite safe and pocket safe, only Rp. 10,000.

3. Opening and closing hours

Tourist attractions are open from 09.00-22.00 WIB.

4. Facilities

Visitors will be pampered with complete facilities such as toilets, prayer rooms, cool photo spots, lodging, gazebos and souvenir and gift centers. Meanwhile, vehicle parking rates differ depending on the type of vehicle.

The charm of Pangandaran Beach is extraordinarily beautiful and picturesque. Coming there will create an unforgettable impression that will last forever.

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