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Parigi Waterfall in Bekasi – Bekasi City Has Tourist Attractions in The Middle of A Busy City

Parigi Waterfall in Bekasi

Parigi Waterfall in Bekasi – Bekasi City, one of the most populous cities in Indonesia which is synonymous with its rare natural tourist attractions. However, if you are in Bekasi City and are looking for interesting things to do in Bekasi City, there is one place that could be an alternative for your visit.

Parigi Waterfall in Bekasi

The name of the place is Parigi Waterfall. Parigi Waterfall is located between the Bogor Regency (Gunung Putri District) and the City of Bekasi (Bantar Gebang District). This waterfall, also known as a waterfall, is formed from a river break, so the beauty of this waterfall is determined by the flow of water that flows from the river.

During the dry season, if the water flow is small it will only feel normal. Meanwhile, during the rainy season and water fills all sides, this waterfall will have water flowing even to the surface. The condition of the Parigi Waterfall has a slightly uphill and rocky land contour.

The shape of Curug Parigi is quite unique and tends to be elongated to the point where it is similar to Niagara Falls in the United States, only Curug Parigi is smaller. Parigi Waterfall is 2 meters high and more than 20 meters wide.

If you are interested in visiting the Parigi Waterfall in Bekasi City, there are several things you should pay attention to. Visitors who come are prohibited from swimming in the Kanang section of the waterfall because the water is quite deep.

Visitors may only be on the justify waterfall and the middle waterfall. However, it is hoped that the Parigi waterfall tourist attraction can become a tourist destination in the city of Bekasi and is equipped with facilities to support visitor comfort.

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