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Pengger Pine Forest – Attraction, Location, Opening Hours, Facilities, Ticket Prices and Travel Tips

Pengger Pine Forest – There are lots of interesting and popular natural tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, one of which is the Pengger Pine Forest. This natural tourist destination presents natural views that can pamper the eyes of its visitors.

What’s more, this tourist destination is very suitable to visit for photography lovers because it offers various iconic and unique photo spots.

For those of you who are planning a holiday to the Pengger Pine Forest, here is a complete review that is a shame to miss.

pengger pine forest

Attraction of Pengger Pine Forest

Very suitable to visit with the family, the Pengger Pine Forest has cool air with views of green hills that are pleasing to the eye. Because of its beautiful views, the Pengger Pine Forest can be used as a relaxing escape from the fatigue of daily activities.

Here you can do various exciting activities with family, friends, relatives and even with your beloved lover. Activities you can try include trekking, sitting back and relaxing while having a picnic with your family or you can also take fun photos at the photo spots provided.

The Pengger Pine Forest tourist destination is indeed very suitable to visit for those of you who really like photography because you will be pampered by the various unique and interesting photo spots.

pengger pine

Some of the photo spots available include photo spots of Asuma Paduraksa, Sabrang Anindha, Marmati, Cetha Abipraya, Hand Pancawara and giant thumbs.

The Asuma Paduraksa Photo Spot itself is a tourist attraction in the form of a gate or gate where the top is covered with a classic architectural style

The Sabrang Anindha Spot is curved and there are several small holes at the bottom. Meanwhile, the Marmati photo spot itself is semi-circular in shape with a fairly large hole in the center.

This is different from the Cetha Abipraya photo spot, which has a shape resembling a towering triangle with a hole in the middle. This photo spot can be an option for cool photos at night because there are several lights placed around it.

Meanwhile, the favorite photo spot for many tourists is the Pancawara Hand photo spot, which is in the shape of a hand with 5 open fingers facing upwards. The giant hand is made of rattan and wood that are joined together. It’s natural that many people like this photo spot because the background directly faces beautiful green hills.

To take photos here, regular visitors have to queue and pay a ticket of around Rp. 2000. No need to worry, because you can also use photography services by simply paying IDR 3,000 to IDR 4,000

The best time to visit this place is at night, because you will be treated to a very beautiful and exotic view of the city lights.

pengger pine forest in yogyakarta

The location of Pengger Pine Forest

The Pengger Pine Forest is a natural tourist destination in Bantul Regency, precisely in Sendangsari, Terong Village, Dlingo District, Bantuk, DIY.

The Pengger Pine Forest is a very strategic tourist spot because it is located on the side of the Patuk-Dlingo road. If you go to this tourist destination from the center of Yogyakarta city, the distance you need to cover is approximately 24 km with an estimated travel time of around 1 hour.

Opening Hours for Pengger Pine Forest

Can be visited every day, be it weekends or national holidays, the Pengger Pine Forest is open from 07.00 in the morning to 21.00 in the evening local time.

Pengger Pine Forest Facilities and Ticket Prices

The Pengger Pine Forest Management provides supporting facilities that will make you comfortable, such as prayer rooms, bathrooms, parking areas, food stalls, gazebos, location maps, children’s play swings, directional signs and observation posts.

The entrance ticket price to the Pengger Pine Forest is only IDR 5,000, this price does not include parking fees.

Tips for traveling to Pengger Pine Forest

Here are some tips to prepare before visiting the Pengger Pine Forest.

  • Make sure that you are in good condition when you visit so that you arrive safely at your destination.
  • Even though there are food stalls, make sure to bring drinking water supplies.
  • Make sure that the condition of the vehicle is good, because the journey to the Pengger Pine Forest will be full of hills.
  • Also make sure you dispose of your rubbish in the right place as an effort to maintain cleanliness and preserve nature.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear because the place is spacious. If you don’t wear comfortable footwear, your feet will become sore and you will be prone to accidents such as slipping.
  • You can wear comfortable shoes like sports shoes and sneakers.
  • For those of you who like photography, make sure you have your best gadget ready.
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