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Pindul Cave Yogyakarta – A Fantastic Natural Tourist Attraction with Millions of Charms

Pindul Cave Yogyakarta – Just from the name, many travelers are curious about Pindul Cave. As a popular natural tourist spot, Pindul offers various attractions and millions of undeniable charms.

What’s even more interesting is that it’s not only cool to see the cave, but visitors can do lots of exciting activities and get their adrenaline pumping.

pindul cave tubing

Get to know Pindul Cave and its appeal

Previously, the tourist attraction as a cave was unkempt and looked ordinary. After being researched and cared for properly, it was finally turned into a tourist attraction to what it is today. Water tourism is becoming increasingly famous because reports have emerged that Pindul Cave is haunted and scary.

However, this has been eroded by the natural beauty of the cave and the Gedong Tujuh sacred spring. Travelers are increasingly curious about visiting the cave because it has a unique zone with fantastic attractions, namely:

1. Bright Zone

Zones or areas clearly show the beauty of the cave.

2. Reang Zone

A little sunlight is visible through the gaps in the cave walls. The darkness in the cave has its own charm.

3. Dark Zones

Dark zones require visitors to use special lights when viewing the cave.

4. Crystal and Moonmilk decorations

On the walls of the cave there are crystal stone decorations with very stunning abstract paintings. Even though it is a tourist attraction, visitors are strictly prohibited from destroying the cave walls and are required to preserve them.

5. Lots of Tourist Spots

The most popular tourist spot for tourists is because they can explore the epic natural beauty of the cave.

If you like sports that stimulate your adrenaline, you can try them in caves such as cave tubing and river tubing. Travelers just have to choose which one they like the most to explore the beauty of the cave.

Fun Activities that Visitors Can Do

Goa with millions of charms offers various exciting activities that tourists can enjoy, including:

1. Cave Tubing

The first natural exploration is cave tubing at Pindul Cave by looking at the light, dim and dark zones. Visitors can do their favorite activities, playing, swimming, jumping from rocks and so on.

Visitors are also invited to explore the cave like a clear whitewater for approximately 45 minutes which is quite an adrenaline rush. Every trip you will be treated to beautiful views of beautiful caves.

2. River Tubing

River tubing along the Oyo River which is around 15,000 meters long. River tubing activities are more exciting if you do it with a group. Every trip on the moss green water creates a special moment.

3. See the Stalactites and Stalagmites

The combination of stalactites and stalagmites in the cave makes for a fantastic charm. Not surprisingly, many visitors are attracted to this place. Every natural formation process of these rocks creates unique natural art.

Each cave wall displays millions of charming beauties. Just go there once, you will fall in love and want to visit again.

Address, Ticket Prices, When to Open and Close and Facilities

To come to the cave, check the following address and information.

1. Address

Nature tourism is in Bejiharjo Village, Karangmojo District. This area is included in the Gunung Kidul region of Yogyakarta.

2. Ticket Prices

Tickets are very affordable, standard price is only 10 thousand rupiah.

3. Opening and Closing Hours

The tourist attraction is open from 7 am to 4 pm.

4. Amenities

The management has prepared various complete facilities such as a large parking area, food stalls, clean toilets and a prayer room. Apart from that, there is a place to rent for those who want to do water activities.

If you go to Pindul Cave, it’s best to go in the morning so you can be more satisfied exploring the beauty of the cave. Apart from that, you can try various fun tourist spot attractions.

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