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Plaza Ambarukmo Mall – Comfortable and Most Complete Shopping Center in Jogja

Plaza Ambarukmo Mall – Shopping to your heart’s content in comfortable places can be a fun choice and Plaza Ambarukmo Mall is one of them.

This famous shopping center in Yogyakarta is full of various products, a place to hang out and watch movies and even a venue for various local to national scale events.

Plaza Ambarukmo Mall

Jogja’s Most Complete Shopping Center Since 2013

Mall Plaza Ambarukmo is famous as Amplaz. Some things about Amplaz include:

1. Inaugurated by the King of Jogja

This 7-story Jogja Mall began operating on May 28 2013 and was inaugurated by the king of Jogja and the Governor of DIY, namely Sri Sultan HB X.

2. More than 230 Tenants

There are more than 230 tenants from various local and world brands. Visitors can choose the type of product they need because everything is available in full from various mainstay brands.

3. Location near Adi Sucipto Air Base

The location close to Adi Sucipto Air Field means the mall is always busy with visitors, especially on weekends. The complete address is Jalan Laksda Adi Sucipto No. 3, Caturtunggal, Depok area, Sleman Yogya.

Mall Facilities and Operating Hours

Amplaz has other supporters for visitor satisfaction with reliable facilities and opening hours from morning to evening.

1. Facilities

The management really pays attention to visitor comfort with the following facilities:

  • Customer service provides friendly service and complete information.
  • Wheelchairs are available for those who need them.
  • Baby strollers are available for visitors who bring toddlers.
  • Room for breastfeeding mothers.

Other facilities such as parking, toilets, WiFi, smoking area, medical room, mosque and charger room are all available.

The food at Ambarukmo Plaza Jogja is also complete and there are tenants for the food court with various menu choices. Visitors can eat on the spot while chatting and hanging out or take it home.

2. Operating Hours

For visitors who are going to the mall to just hang out or shop, the time is very flexible. The mall is open every day even during national holidays from 10 am to 10 pm.

However, the opening and closing hours are different from the Amplaz cinema because it will close until the last session of the film is finished.

Various Activities for Visitors to Plaza Ambarukmo Mall

The mall’s luxury building with Javanese design creates a classic, down-to-earth feel. Comfort makes visitors feel at home in the mall for a long time.

As a shopping center in Yogya, Amplaz gives visitors freedom to carry out various activities. The following are activities that mall visitors can do, including:

1. Watch a movie at Cinema XXI

Amplas has the Cinema XXI Plaza Ambarukmo cinema building with several theater rooms. The theater room is comfortable and if you want to watch privately, there is Premier with luxurious facilities.

2. Fun and play by Happy Time

If adults like shopping and young people hanging out, children like to play the most. A suitable place is Fun & Play by Happy Time with a variety of interesting game choices.

For example, Role Plau House, Go Kart World, Carousel to Kids Ninja which are very exciting.

3. Timezone

Visitors can play Timezone as much as they want with 112 exciting and exciting rides. All the game rides make visitors reluctant to leave the mall.

There are still lots of other things for visitors to do with various interesting activities. When you are free and want to refresh your mind, Plaza Ambarukmo Mall could be the right choice. The most complete mall with unlimited fun and convenience.

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