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7 Attractions of Point 0 Kilometer Yogyakarta, Surrounded by Buildings from the Past

Point 0 Kilometer Yogyakarta – The charm of the 0 Kilometer Point of Yogyakarta is able to intrigue many local and foreign tourists. Located near the Jogja Palace, Point 0 has charm and exoticism with various interesting stories from the past to explore.

About 0 Kilometer Point Yogyakarta

The history of Point 0 Jogja cannot be separated from the story of the past regarding the struggle of General Sudirman’s troops during the March 1 General Offensive. It is from this story that the March 1 General Attack Monument was built which is adjacent to Point 0.

Point 0 Junction is surrounded by buildings from the past with various historical stories. Many people say that this pedestrian area is similar to the European tourist style.

Judging from the existing Dutch buildings, they are very artistic and exotic. The classic feel is created supported by historical buildings that do not change over time.

Point 0 is often used for people to gather to express aspirations such as peaceful actions, demonstrations and so on. The place is open for 24 hours so visitors can come at any time.

The management also facilitates the public area with toilets, seating and strategic parking areas. Point 0 is located at Pangurakan Street no. 1 Ngupasan Gondosukusuman, Jogja City and there is no charge whatsoever for visitors.

Point 0 Kilometer Yogyakarta

7 Attractions at Point 0 Kilometers Yogyakarta

The charm of Point 0 Jogja is truly enchanting with its blend of past and present. Visitors can carry out exciting activities as part of the cool Point 0 attraction, namely:

1. Hanging out

Pedestrian areas create unique and artistic historical buildings. Visitors can sit and hang out on benches and enjoy the atmosphere of Jogja, from the passing of vehicles to the activities of the residents.

2. Photo Hunting

Visitors who like to capture moments can take many interesting spots at the Point 0 intersection. Photos taken at aesthetic historical buildings, photos with epic highways and benches in the background can be interesting photos.

The 0 km Jogja point at night is also interesting to immortalize. The visitors passing by with various activities would be a shame to just miss it.

3. Cuisine

When hunger comes, you don’t need to panic because Point 0 is near the culinary area. About 350 meters away is the Teras Malioboro 1 area as a location for various Jogja specialties. The menu choices vary from gudeg, lotek, meatballs, koyor satay and others.

4. Shopping

Across from Terrace Malioboro 1 is Beringharjo Market which provides various needs of residents. Tourists can wander around the market as much as they want to shop for cloth, batik, various spices and complete culinary delights.

5. Night Tour

Jogja at night is very different from the day. Its beauty can create a feeling of unspeakable longing accompanied by the twinkling lights typical of Point 0 Jogja. For those who have memories of Jogja, the evening at Point 0 can be an unforgettable special moment.

6. Historical Tourism

Around Point 0 there are many buildings from the past that are interesting to look at. An old, artistic, artistic, Dutch art deco building that is very interesting to dig into. Such as the General Post Office, Bank Indonesia, BNI 46, Gedung Agung and Fort Vredeburg.

7. Watch Live

Lucky visitors can watch live performances from music, exhibitions to fashion shows. Performances are presented by Yogyakarta and national artists which attract tourists.

Visitors will be transported to the time of light with the various attractions of Yogyakarta’s 0 Kilometer Point. Every corner is special and just coming once will leave you with a feeling of longing so much that you want to visit again.

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