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Private Car Charter in Yogyakarta with Driver and Java-Bali Tours, Indonesia

Private Car Charter with Driver from Yogyakarta to Malang

Private Car Charter with Driver from Yogyakarta to MalangHi travelers, have you ever visited a city called Malang in Indonesia? Malang is also called “the apple city” even though s city never had an apple garden before.

The city has been named the apple city because there is a lot of local food that invites many gastronomies tourists to come. You can access this city from Yogyakarta by using a land vehicle. One of the recommendations is to use a car rental from Yogyakarta to Malang.

Private Car Charter with Driver from Yogyakarta to Malang

Renting a personal driver from “Hire Driver Yogyakarta” to travel from Yogyakarta to Malang is a smart choice.

When you choose our service, we will provide you with a professional driver and a comfortable car. The price is also reasonable and different according to the type of car you rent and the length of rent.

private car rental from yogyakarta to malang

Why Use a Private Driver From Yogyakarta to Malang?

There are some options for travelers to go to Malang City from Yogyakarta such as using public transportation like intercity bus or using train, or you can use a private car. We, “Hire Driver Yogyakarta” provide you with a service to take you from Yogyakarta to the Malang.

There are some reasons why we recommend you have a private driver and car to go to Malang City than using public transportation.

There are some reasons why you should choose us to accompany your trip from Yogyakarta to Malang City:

1. Using a private driver is more flexible

Renting a car with a private driver is more flexible to get to your destination compared to using public transportation. By using a private driver, you can go directly to the destination without changing vehicles from time to time just to access the destination. The private driver is also on standby for you all time and you can go from one place to the other place anytime.

By car rental from Yogyakarta to Malang, your traveling can be done easily at any time. Our drivers will be waiting for you to command where you go. With the private car, you can also stop anywhere and anytime to take a rest or break for lunch during the travel.

2. Comfortable private car

The private car is also comfortable for travel from one city to another city. The private car is a good choice when you want to enjoy the ride without feeling overwhelmed with a lot of passengers around you. The driver also treats you kindly to make sure you are comfortable during the travel.

Our car is always maintained to be clean and in perfect condition. We always make sure that your travel will be a wonderful trip. We provide you with many kinds of cars to suit your needs from small and compact personal travel to large units that can fit many people for a group trip.

3. Our drivers are all professional driver

Most private driver nowadays is not just ordinary private driver. At least they are already learning about the international language so they can understand what the customers from another country wanted. They are also professional in terms of driving and familiar with many routes in their country.

In “Hire Driver Yogyakarta” we already taught many languages not just Indonesian and English language. They can speak other languages such as Spanish, German, Dutch, Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese. They are also knowledgeable about the route and most tourist destinations. To put it simply, with us you can get a professional driver and tour guide at the same time.

In “Hire Driver Yogyakarta” we provide you best driver and car to take you anytime and anywhere. We will provide you with the best car and driver to help your journey in Yogyakarta. Now we also accept a service to transport you to many cities such as transport from Yogyakarta to Malang, Yogyakarta to Jakarta, Yogyakarta to Bali, Yogyakarta to Bandung, and from Yogyakarta to many cities in Java.

Popular Tourist Destination In The Malang City

When you use a car rental from Yogyakarta to Malang you can visit a lot of destinations to enjoy the panorama of Malang city or take adventure to the mountain and waterfalls. There are some famous places that you must visit in Malang City.

1. Bromo Volcano

Bromo volcano is a famous mountain in the Java region. This destination is famous for its breathtaking and magnificent panorama. You can access the mountain Bromo through Malang city.

With a car rental from Yogyakarta to Malang, you can ask your driver to drive you to the entrance of Mount Bromo in the early morning because most tourists come in the early morning to witness the beautiful landscape of Bromo Mountain during the sunrise.

The other activity you can do in Bromo mountain is exploring the sea of sand before you go to the top of the mountain. You can ride a jeep, a horse, or a motorcycle to pass the sea of sand.

Kawah Ijen as the mountain crater is the most sacred and best part of the top of mountain Bromo, see and witness by yourself.

2. Mount Semeru / Mahameru

Semeru mountain is the highest mountain in the java, this mountain can be accessed through Malang city using a car so you need to for car rental from Yogyakarta to Malang.  This mountain is suitable for a tourist who loves adventure and challenge to take on the journey to the roof of Java.

You can enjoy the breathtaking panorama in Semeru mountain either by climbing it to the top or just enjoying the panorama under the mountain. There is a lake that is beautiful and full of freshwater called “Ranu Kumbolo”.

3. Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Tumpak Sewu waterfall is one of our recommendations in Malang City. This could be the best waterfall in Java. The Tumpak Sewu waterfall looks like a curtain from the waterfall. This waterfall is a hidden gem in Malang because to access the waterfall you need to pass an extreme journey, so be careful and prepare everything before you want to see this waterfall.

That is all the information we want to share with you. If you are interested and looking for a car rental from Yogyakarta to Malang you can always rely on us and visit us at “Hire Driver Yogyakarta”.

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