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Private Car Charter in Yogyakarta with Driver and Java-Bali Tours, Indonesia

Private Car Charter with Driver in Yogyakarta (Java, Indonesia)

Private Car Charter with Driver in Yogyakarta – Private driver in Yogyakarta to take you on your journey in Yogyakarta and surroundings. Private car charter in Yogyakarta can serve you for purposes from Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Jepara, Pangandaran, Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi to Yogyakarta and various other cities.

Private car charter with driver on Java who can speak English will take you on a safe and comfortable journey. Be your travel companion when on holiday on Java Island, Indonesia. Getting around Yogyakarta and the surrounding areas will be easier.

Private car charter with driver in Jogjakarta/Yogyakarta/Jogja also provides tour packages in Yogyakarta, Semarang, Jepara, Solo, Surabaya, Bromo, Ijen Crater, Pangandaran, Sukamade (Banyuwangi) and even Bali (Denpasar).

Hire Driver Yogyakarta has existed since 2018 to make it easier for tourists who want to travel to Yogyakarta, Java Island, Indonesia. We live in Bantul, precisely on the south side of the city of Yogyakarta. Our location is very strategic if you want to visit.

private car charter with driver in yogyakarta

Private Car Charter with Driver in Yogyakarta

We really want you to experience an extraordinary holiday in Yogyakarta City. With good English speaking drivers who are serious about their work, our goal is to impress you and have a holiday that is just what you hoped for.

Our drivers can speak English well, tell stories about the local culture of Yogyakarta, Javanese and Balinese culture. With an English speaking Yogyakarta driver, you can feel Yogyakarta as your own home. We can easily help you translate what you need.

Using a private car charter in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia you can easily organize your own holiday according to your wishes, if you have an itinerary that you have already made. We can be your driver from Jakarta-Bandung-Pangandaran-Dieng-Yogyakarta-Semarang-Solo-Bromo-Ijen Crater all the way to Bali.

You can easily decide where to stay during your vacation in Java and Bali, and get to the places you want to see. Before you book your trip at Hire Driver Yogyakarta, allow us to answer your questions via email or WhatsApp.

Not only about your travel and transportation plans in Java and Bali, but also we will recommend the best hotel for your stay during your holiday in Yogyakarta. We take great pride in being able to provide high quality services at fair and reasonable prices. We want to make your dream holiday come true on the islands of Java and Bali.

How much does it cost of private car charter with driver in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia?

We want the car charter with driver in Yogyakarta service to be used by all tourists who need it. So we offer cheaper and more competitive private car rental prices in Yogyakarta with a driver.

For vehicles used for 3-5 passengers with suitcases, we offer prices starting from 60 Euros and for minibuses used for 5-10 passengers, we offer prices starting from 95 Euros. However, to know the detailed prices, you can ask us directly.

What is clear, the price of renting a car and driver in Yogyakarta is very affordable compared to renting a vehicle in several countries. Even when renting a car and private driver in Yogyakarta, you can get a driver who can speak English as your guide.

How Much Does a Driver Cost in Yogyakarta from Outside the City?

For each vehicle used we offer different costs, depending on the size of your travel group and the distance to be traveled. On out-of-town trips, you can expect to pay an average of 65 Euros (between 60 and 95 Euros) per day for each trip, counting the vehicle, not per person.

What is Prices Include?

  • Best quality rental car with air conditioning
  • Fuel
  • English speaking driver
  • Expenditures and accommodation
  • Parking fee in all areas
  • Toll road charge
  • Bottled water

What Is Not Included?

  • Cost of your own accommodation
  • Does not apply to ferries from Ketapang to Gilimanuk or vice versa
  • Other expenses, such as train tickets, hotel, jeep rental costs and others
  • For longer distances, an empty run fee will be charged and will be calculated as one day of rental

Please contact us via Email or Whatsapp which is on this website for consultations or to get a price quote for your trip to Yogyakarta, Java and Bali.

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