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Ramayana Ballet Prambanan: A Unique Fusion of Culture and Art

Ramayana Ballet Prambanan, Things You Need To KnowRamayana Ballet Prambanan is a beautiful, breathtaking performance. This art and cultural performance brings together several Javanese arts with elements of music, dance, and drama. The combination creates a marvelous momentum in the storytelling about the Ramayana.

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Getting To Know Ramayana Ballet Prambanan

Ramayana Ballet performance is located in the Prambanan Temple area, there are 2 versions of this Ramayana Ballet performance. In version 1, there are 4 acts, the performance will be done per act. There will be 4 nights of Ramayana Ballet performances for the whole story. Each act has a duration of 1.5 hours.

While in version 2, it will be staged with a full-act version so that it is different from the first version. The compilation of 4 acts in one performance is up to 2 hours. Meanwhile, the drama dialog for both versions of the show has been shortened to meet the needs of tourists.

This performance has been around since 1961. In 2012, Prambanan Ramayana Ballet won an award known to many as the Guinness World Record. While the category is “Largest Ramayana Dance” or the most dancers. Because this show is so interesting and popular, many people want to know where to buy Ramayana ballet tickets.

Ramayana Ballet Prambanan: A Unique Fusion of Culture and Art

Ramayana Ballet / Ramayana Prambanan combines non-dialogue drama and dance, this performance uses the Ramayana story and is performed in the Prambanan Temple area. The Ramayana story itself is based on Hindu values and culture but adapted to Javanese culture.

The Unique Blend of Elements

Because of this combination of elements, the Ramayana Prambanan dance is unique. In addition to a fantastic number of professional dancers, there are also gamelan musicians who take part in the Ramayana Ballet Prambanan performance.

Captivating Venue and Setting

The venue for the Ramayana Ballet is an open-air stage, the setting is Prambanan Temple. So, if you want to know how to get Ramayana ballet? You have to go to the Prambanan Temple area first.

Make the location of this temple a benchmark for your travel route, but do not enter Prambanan Temple, because the location is not in the temple area. Prambanan Temple is just the background of this show.

Enchanting Story of Ramayana

Ramayana tells the journey of Rama who wants to save his wife, Sita, but is usually called by the name Sinta. Sita was kidnapped by the king of Lanka, Rahwana.

Seasonal Performances and Accessibility

Ramayana Ballet performances are held every Saturday, you can only see Ramayana performances on stage during the dry season. If it rains, the performance is moved to the indoor stage. The performing arts that will be displayed on the Ramayana Ballet are made easy for tourists to understand.

You can easily find out the storyline by looking at various dance movements, musical accompaniment, and other elements. Those who visit the Ramayana Ballet performance are invited to feel the real story of the Ramayana story.

Historical Evolution of Ramayana Ballet

So what is the history of Ramayana Ballet? As mentioned earlier, the Ramayana Ballet has been performed at Prambanan since 1961, which is when the first performance of the Ramayana story took place. The originator of this performance was a General, his name was GPH Djatikoesoemo. He was inspired by the Royal Ballet Cambodia located in Angkor Wat.

Because of this inspiration, the initial name was Ramayana Ballet. Although it was the inaugural performance, it was witnessed by 3,000 spectators so the theater was packed. One month after the premiere, Ramayana Ballet won an international award.

Celebrity Attendance and Renaming

Another interesting thing about Ramayana Ballet Prambanan is that the performance was witnessed by several important and famous figures. Ambassadors, President Soekarno, and even famous actors like Charlie Chaplin came to enjoy the Ramayana.

Ramayana Ballet began to be renamed Sendratari Ramayana and is still used today. This performance was the originator of the development of Indonesian ballet. Many points make Ramayana Ballet very special, one of which is the stage scenery.

You can see the main temples that stand majestically in the background. Not only can you feel the epic impression but, you can also feel the romantic nuances as well. The storyline that this show conveys is also more pronounced with such stunning scenery.

Ramayana Ballet Prambanan Show Price

As this is an amazing and unusual performance, you will need to prepare quite a lot of money. But this cost is still affordable, especially for student groups, as there are special prices for student groups. So, how much Ramayana ballet Prambanan tickets, here are the detailed rates for each ticket category:

  • VIP Tickets: IDR 450.000,00
  • Special Ticket: IDR 300.000,00
  • First Class Ticket: IDR 200,000.00
  • Class II Ticket: IDR 150.000,00
  • Student Group Ticket (minimum 30): IDR 50.000,00

You should note that the ticket prices above may change at any time. But the price list can be taken into consideration before you visit this place and enjoy Ramayana Ballet Prambanan. To make it easier for you to visit other interesting places, you can try renting a car with a private driver.

Many car rentals provide tour packages in their services. Your various travel needs will be well accommodated by them.

Tips for Any Of You Who Want To Watch Ramayana Ballet Prambanan

For those of you who can’t wait to enjoy the Ramayana Ballet Prambanan show, check out the following tips.

1. The temple area is not where you should go

Prambanan Temple is close to the Ramayana Ballet performance location, but the show is not set in Prambanan Temple. Prambanan Temple becomes a background that can give a magical impression, especially when exposed to light. But don’t head to the temple, many people think that the venue is inside Prambanan.

2. Don’t be afraid of the dark when heading to the location

You don’t need to be afraid or hesitant about the dark conditions in the entrance area of this place. You can find banners explaining that this is where the Ramayana Ballet takes place. You may find this quite strange as Ramayana Ballet is a very classy show that attracts many foreign tourists.

3. Don’t be late

When visiting this place, don’t be late. If you arrive on time, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful garden. You can also take photos with the show’s mascots.

4. Don’t forget to fill your stomach first

You can find restaurants near the ticket sales. Besides eating at restaurants, you can also buy snacks. As you enter the performance area, you will be greeted with a beautiful live gamelan accompaniment. That’s all for this article about things you need to know about Ramayana Ballet Prambanan.

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