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Ramayana Ballet – The story of Rama Shinta in the Ramayana Ballet Prambanan

Ramayana Ballet Prambanan – The Prambanan Ramayana Ballet performance attracts tourists both local and foreign with its extraordinary artistic creativity. Travelers always look forward to these dance and drama performances without dialogue as an epic treat to preserve the nation’s culture.

ramayana ballet performance

About the Prambanan Ramayana Ballet

The Ramayana ballet performance originates from an adaptation of Javanese culture and Hindu epics with a uniquely creative presentation. The Prambanan Ballet features more than 200 professional dancers and has been held regularly since 1961.

The routine of the performance made the ballet performance win the award in the ‘Largest Ramayana Dances’ category or the largest number of dancers from the Guinness World Record.

Performances on an open stage with Prambanan Temple as an exotic background. The story of this ballet is about the Ramayana, the narrative of which is found on the reliefs of the Shiva Temple.

ramayana ballet performance

Prambanan Ballet’s Ramayana Performance in 2 Versions

Tourists who come to Prambanan Temple usually look forward to this Ramayanan dance performance. There are 2 versions of the performance of the ballet, namely:

1. Version 1 (Per Session/Half)

Version 1 features 4 story acts per session in 4 nights of 1.5 hour performances each.

2. Version 2 (Full Session/Rupture)

In version 2, the ballet is staged in full in one performance. So the 4 acts of version 1 are shown live in one performance for 2 full hours.

In general, version 2 is for tourists by abbreviating the drama without reducing the content.

Venue, Ticket Prices and Information about Ramayana Ballet

Dance performances and beautiful dramas have a special schedule. More details about places, ticket prices and other information are as follows:

1. Performance Venue

Dancing on the open stage of Prambanan Temple Park, Taman Martani, Kalasan District, Sleman, Yogyakarta from May to October. Meanwhile, from November to April, it will be on the closed stage of the Trimurti Building.

2. Show schedule

Ramayana dance and drama performances are held regularly every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

3. Show Time

Performances are held in the evening from 19.30-21.30 WIB.

4. Ticket price

Tickets for Jogja’s Ramayana Ballet vary according to class choice, starting from just 200 thousand. There are also tickets whose price reaches 450 thousand.

5. Shows are moved if it rains

The open stage ballet starts at 19.30 WIB and if it rains heavily, you will have to wait 30 minutes. If it continues to rain, it is moved to a covered stage.

During the performance of the ballet, visitors will be taken to an exciting atmosphere of the past as an unforgettable moment.

The Attraction of Performing Ramayana Ballets

The Ramayana Ballet is a major attraction for tourists visiting Yogyakarta and Central Java. Prambanan, as one of the world-famous magnificent temples, is truly beautiful with historical stories from the past.

Likewise, the story of the Ramayana, a classic story that is also global, is able to attract various groups. So, this ballet which takes place on an open stage really has a magical appeal to watch.

The ballet tells the story of Shinta being kidnapped by Ravana and then taken to the Kingdom of Alengka. Rama did not accept it and was then assisted by Hanoman and his troops and tried to seize it by attacking Lanka. Anoman Obong became the epic icon of this show.

In the end, Ravana lost and died. However, Rama could not accept Shinta back because he was doubtful about Shinta’s purity. This rejection made Shinta commit self-immolation, which fortunately escaped the embers of the fire.

The burning shows Shinta in a holy state. Finally Rama accepted Sita and the two were reunited.

Watching the Prambanan Ballet’s Ramayana performance is very exciting with extraordinary dancers. If you go to Prambanan, don’t miss this performance with an epic love story.

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