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Ratu Boko Temple – Location, Entrance Fee and Operational Hours

Ratu Boko Temple – Tracing the history of the past is incomplete if you haven’t visited Ratu Boko Temple. This temple, which is located on a hill, provides extraordinary shade. Apart from being an interesting place to take pictures, it also has an unspeakable exotic charm.

ratu boko temple

Attractions of Ratu Boko Temple, from Sunset to Educational Tourism

According to history, Ratu Boko Temple is a legacy of the Ratu Boko Palace. It is said that the palace was part of Roro Jonggrang’s property. The temple itself is approximately 3 km from Prambanan Temple which is full of the queen’s unique love story.

The size of the tourist area is not very large but it is very beautiful with shade plants around the temple. This luxurious and sturdy building was built around the 8th century and is at an altitude of 195.97 above sea level.

Various exciting activities and the attraction of the temple can make visitors feel at home. Tourists can learn about historical temple sites, take as many photos as they like around the tourist attraction and see the beauty of Yogya from the height of the hill.

The following are the charms of the temple that still attract foreign and local tourists to visit, namely:

1. Interesting photo spots

From all sides around the temple, there are many interesting and beautiful photo spots. The panorama around the temple is truly beautiful with exotic rock designs.

The charm of this ancient temple is still beautiful and epic from all sides, both front, side and back. The temple building complex consists of a gate, pavilion, bathing pool which is very interesting as a photo background.

2. Enjoy the beauty of the sunset

One of the beauties of the temple that tourists always look forward to is the appearance of the golden sunset. The high hills which are a beautiful area create a fantastic natural panorama.

The management provides many lounge chairs so that tourists can wait as long as they like for the sun to set. With the beauty of the plants around the temple, the evening view becomes especially captivating.

3. Educational Tourism

Apart from being an interesting recreation area, the temple is also an educational tourist attraction that holds the stories and history of Indonesia. Visiting this epic temple directly will reveal many facts and history.

The temple is closely related to Prambanan and of course Roro Jonggrang, because the temple was chosen by the father of this beautiful daughter. On the temple, Panabrawa writing was found, namely the son of Rakai Panangkaran as ruler of the kingdom.

There is also a holy well with a depth of 2 meters as a burning temple. A unique thing that is rarely found on other temple tours is Ratu Boko.

Location, Entrance Fee and When it opens and closes

From Yogyakarta, the temple tour can be reached in just 30 minutes. Ticket prices are also pocket-friendly with long opening and closing hours.

1. Location

The  Ratu Boko Temple is located in the Sleman Regency of Yogyakarta. To be precise, Jalan Piyungan-Prambanan km 2, Gatak, Bokoharjo. This area is included in Prambanan District.

2. Ticket Prices

There is a purchase of season tickets from Prambanan Temple at a price of 85 thousand for adults and 40 thousand for children. If independent, ticket prices start from 20 thousand for children and 40 thousand for adults.

3. Operational hours

The temple opens at 7 in the morning and closes at 5 in the afternoon.

The temple facilities are quite complete including, parking area, food stalls, toilets, souvenir center, prayer room and gazebo for resting.

No need to spend any more time wondering about Ratu Boko Temple. If you are on holiday and have free time, just schedule an exotic tourist destination with fantastic beauty.

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