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Red Island Beach – Tourist Attractions with Green Hills and Red Soil

Red Island Beach (Pulau Merah) – Red Island or red island is a popular tourist attraction in Banyuwangi and is sought after by many tourists. One of the things that is quite interesting about this place is its small green hill.

For those of you who haven’t been there, it’s best to first get to know the activities that can be used and their attractions. Apart from that, to enjoy its natural beauty there are several costs that must be paid, including entrance fees and parking.

Red Island Beach

About Red Island Beach (Pulau Merah) and its Attraction for Tourists

According to local history, the island was previously known as Ringin Pintu Beach. However, the name changed because it is on hill land which is located on the red beach.

The location of this beach is in Sumber Agung Village, Pesanggaran Subdistrict, Banyuwangi. To enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area, you can walk when the sea water is low. Apart from that, for those of you who are Hindu, you can hold ceremonies at the temples around the island.

As a unique tourist spot, Red Island Beach also has attractions that make visitors curious to come there. The attraction for tourists is the beach, which has a red color. This color is next to the trees that have covered the red island up to 3 km long.

So to get to the beach, you have to pass through several rocks and several trees. After passing through it, you will see red sand beach which is located not far from the coastline on the island of Java.

Apart from the beach, other attractions on the beach include a hill with a height of around 200 meters from the ground. This hill is covered with green vegetation so the soil doesn’t look red. To get to this hill, you just have to walk when the water recedes.

Activities on Red Island Beach

You can do various activities while on the island, including the following:

1. Snorkeling at Red Island

At the bottom of the sea there is a very beautiful tour and it can be done by snorkeling. You can carry out this activity by renting equipment at affordable prices. With this activity, you can see marine fish and coral reefs up close.

2. Witness the Charm of the Beautiful Beach

Apart from snorkeling, visiting Red Island is also not complete if you don’t enjoy the beauty of the beach. There, you relax, go for a walk or hunt for unique culinary delights that are sure to be delicious.

3. Surfing on Red Island

The last activity that you can do there is surfing between the rolling waves. Surfing at this beach is quite cheap because it only costs Rp. 50 thousand to rent a surfboard.

Route to Red Island Beach

If the position is from the city center then you can head towards Srono then to Kesilir and later you will arrive at Red Island. Apart from that, you can also take the village road and you will be helped by signs to the tourist attractions. For transportation, you can use the bus to the guesthouse or private vehicle.

Entry Ticket Prices and Opening Hours to Red Island Beach

This tourist attraction is open 24 hours and for entrance tickets and other fees can be seen in the table:

Entrance Fee Ticket Rp. 10.000/Person
Motorbike Parking Fee Rp. 2.000
Car Parkign Fee Rp. 5.000
Bus Parking Fee Rp. 10.000

That’s the discussion regarding Red Island as a popular tourist spot in Banyuwangi Regency. How about it, are you interested in going on holiday there?

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