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Sahid Raya Hotel Yogyakarta – Hotel & Convention Yogyakarta

Sahid Raya Hotel Yogyakarta

Sahid Raya Hotel YogyakartaOne of the things you have to prepare when you want to go on holiday is finding out about hotels in the destination city. This is very important so that you can schedule your trip well. If you come on holiday to the city of Jogjakarta, then you can choose Sahid Raya Hotel.

The hotel on Jl Babarsari No 2 Tambak Bayan, Depok, Sleman is suitable for you to choose from. Your vacation will be comfortable and of course, will be fun. Why is that? This hotel offers complete facilities for visiting visitors.

As we know, Jogjakarta is a city that offers natural beauty. Not a few people come to the city just to enjoy the natural beauty there. They decided to take a few days trip around Jogja and Sahid Raya Hotel was the best place to stay.

Not only for people who come on holiday, the hotel can also be used for other important events. So what interesting facilities do these hotels in Jogjakarta have? Find the answer in this article, here is the complete review!

Attractive Facilities at Sahid Raya Hotel Yogyakarta

1. Have a Cool Room

One of the reasons you will feel comfortable if you stay at the Sahid Raya Hotel is because it has cool rooms. They try to provide an interesting concept in room design. The goal is to make guests feel calm when in the room.

This is of course very important for those of you who come to the city of Jogjakarta for a holiday. After a day exploring the city of Jogjakarta, of course, you can relieve fatigue with a comfortable hotel room design. So that’s the first facility you need from this cool hotel in the Jogjakarta area.

2. Meeting Rooms

The second facility of Sahid Raya Hotel that you should know about is the cool meeting room. If you have a meeting scheduled for important business, then this hotel could be an option. Apart from the comfortable room, you can hold meetings with many people because the room is very spacious.

This can help the success of the meetings you hold for this important business. So it’s a good idea if you choose this hotel if you have a big project meeting scheduled. With the comfort offered, it is guaranteed that this will have a good impact on the business you are running.

3. Wedding Room

Apart from providing facilities such as meeting rooms, Sahid Raya Hotel also provides wedding rooms which are no less cool. If you have wedding plans in a luxurious place, then this hotel is the answer. We guarantee that your wedding event will run smoothly and lively until the end.

A neat and luxurious room design can also make guests happy. So that you will never forget this precious day for the rest of your life. So that’s the third facility owned by Sahid Raya Jogjakarta. Are you interested in holding a wedding party at this hotel?

To make a booking for Sahid Raya Hotel, you can go through their official website. So those are the three facilities offered by hotels in the Sleman area, Yogyakarta. After knowing the three facilities available, are you interested in enjoying the luxury?

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