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Sam Poo Kong Temple: Retraces of Admiral Cheng Ho’s Journey

Sam Poo Kong Temple For those of you who are residents of Semarang, you may be familiar with this place. This historical building with Chinese nuances is also known as the Batu Building because its architecture looks like a stone cave.

Apart from being a place of worship for ethnic Chinese, this temple is also open as a tourist destination both locally and internationally. The address of Sam Po Kong Temple itself is in the Simongan area, to be precise in the southwest of Semarang City.

Sam Poo Kong Temple

History of the Sam Po Kong Temple

The history of the Sam Poo Kong Temple begins when Cheng Ho, a Muslim Admiral from China stopped in the Simongan area. At that time, he was on a sailing trip but had to stop because one of the ship’s captains, Ong Keng Hong, was suffering from a serious illness.

When he was still sick, Cheng Ho had to leave Ong Keng Hong, and entrusted the captain to local residents. By residents, Ong Keng Hong was treated until he recovered and was finally able to return to health.

While in Simongan, Cheng Ho was known as a kind and wise figure. That is what then based the residents on building this temple as a form of respect for Cheng Ho.

Sam Poo Kong Temple

Interesting things to do when visiting the Sam Po Kong Temple

Sam Poo Kong Temple is a building that is dominated by the color red with lots of lanterns and trees. Apart from being used as a house of worship for ethnic Chinese, this temple is also visited by many tourists with attractions such as:

1. Photos at Unique Spots

For tourists who like taking photos, this tourist attraction provides various unique and interesting spots. You can take photos with a backdrop of statues, unique pillars and other instagenic smells.

2. Rent Sam Poo Kong Temple Traditional Clothes

Sam Poo Kong Tourism also provides rental of traditional clothes in various sizes for both children and adults. You can wear these clothes to take photos or pray at that place.

The price for renting the clothes starts from Rp. 100 thousand with free usage time. If tourists want to immortalize the moment they rent clothes, they can hire a photographer at that location.

3. Temple of the Earth God

In the vicinity of Sam Poo Kong, there is a temple called Dewa Bumi, where this place is used for praying and worshiping Tian. Where Tian himself is believed by ethnic Chinese to be a god who brings good fortune and blessings.

Apart from the God of the Earth, this temple is also often known as the Toa Pek Kong Temple or Tho Te Kong Temple. In this place, celebrations are often held to express gratitude every 15th of the 8th month of the Chinese calendar. Generally local residents will give moon cakes as thanks.

4. Kyai Juru Mudi Temple

This temple is a place of worship which was once the helmsman of the ship on which Admiral Cheng Ho was aboard. Of all the places, this temple is the only place where there is food and tourists can pray.

The location is next to the Tho Te Kong temple and you can pray Islamically there. However, tourists must be accompanied by Rohmad and the character is a Muslim.

5. Place of worship for Kyai Anchor

The name of the anchor at this place is the anchor of Cheng Ho’s ship which was decorated in red. This location is often used as a place to pray for Ho Ping’s spirit. The spirit is believed to have no relatives and no place in the afterlife.

6. Kyai Cundrik Earth-Sam Poo Kong

Historically, this place was once a weapons storage location. There are quite a variety of types and were often used by Admiral Cheng Ho’s crew.

Sam Poo Kong Temple

Route Heading to Sam Poo Kong Temple

For tourists coming from the city, go to the Semarang Lima intersection and follow Pahlawan Street. Then the journey can be continued until the intersection in front of the Central Java Police. Then follow Veteran Street until you reach Dr. Kariadi and just select justify.

The second option is to also take public transportation by going towards Mangkang. Then all you have to do is say if you want to go down to the Sam Poo Kong Temple.

Opening hours and Entry Tickets to Sam Poo Kong

Opening hours for this tourist attraction are every day from 08.00 to 21.00 WIB. It’s just that there are several price differences for tickets and here is the complete table:

So, are you interested in spending your short vacation at Sam Poo Kong Temple? So, because it is a house of worship, make sure you always maintain comfort and order when you visit there. Thanks.

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