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Sambisari Temple – History, Attractions, Entrance Ticket Prices, and Operating Hours

Sambisari Temple – This city, which is nicknamed as a student city, apparently not only has the Borobudur Temple tourist attraction, but is also rich in cultural tourism which is a shame to miss, one of which is the Sambisari Temple in Yogyakarta.

Sambisari Temple itself was found underground and is covered in scars from the devastating explosion of Mount Merapi. This increasingly makes this temple unique and different from other temples in Yogyakarta. Moreover, the construction of the architecture is also very unique.

Sambisari Temple itself is included in the cultural heritage of Sleman Regency which must be protected, maintain its authenticity and preservation. For those of you who love history, you can visit this charming temple. Are you curious about the magnificence and uniqueness of Sambisari Temple? Here’s a brief explanation.

Sambisari Temple Yogyakarta

History of the Sambisari Temple

Sambisari Temple is thought to have been built in the 9th century during the reign of King Rakai Garung of the ancient Mataram Kingdom in 1966 and was discovered by a farmer named Arjo Wiyono.

The interpretation of the founding year of Sambisari Temple is based on the stone filling used in the form of padas which is the same as that found in Prambanan, Plaosan, and Sojiwan temples.

In addition, several inscriptions found also show the same thing. These inscriptions include the ancient Javanese inscription reading Om Siwa Sthana which means Respect, Creation of a place (home) for Lord Shiva.

Then the government antiquities department carried out restoration of this temple for approximately 20 years.

Sambisari Temple

The attraction of Sambisari Temple

Sambisari Temple is unique compared to other temples in Indonesia. This is because this temple has a very unique construction.

Moreover, the location of this temple itself is underground, 6.5 underground to be precise. That’s why when you visit, you will see that this temple is lower than the land surrounding the temple.

Sambisari Temple is a temple complex that has a main temple along with three ancillary temples surrounding it. The main temple itself faces west and measures around 13.65 by 13.65 meters in area while its height is estimated to be around 7.5 meters.

Another interesting thing about Sambisari Temple is the existence of the Linggi and Yoni, which are aspects of Lord Shiva.

The phallus itself is a form of manifestation of Shiva. Meanwhile, Yoni is the embodiment of Sakti or Shiva’s wife.

The outer part of the temple wall itself is filled with niches occupied by the Goddesses Durga (north), Ganesa (east), and Agastya (south). The three niches contain kala head ornaments.

Meanwhile, on the right and justify of the entrance there are two niches for the god who guards the door, namely Mahakala and Nandiswara. But unfortunately the two statues have disappeared.

Meanwhile, the size of the central part of the Perwara Temple itself is approximately 4.9 x 4.8 meters. Meanwhile, the size of the northern and southern parts of the Perwara temple is around 4.8 x 4.8 meters.

Unfortunately, the three ancillary temples do not have a body and also have a roof, only the foot of the temple which is equipped with a balustrade at the top.

In the central and northern parts of the Perwara temple there is a square-shaped pedestal or pedestal equipped with padmasana. However, this is different from the southern Perwara temple, which does not have the pedestal and padmasana.

Besides learning about the history of Sambisari Temple, you can also sit and relax around the temple to wait for the sunset. Not only that,  you can even take photos with an aesthetic temple backdrop.

Sambisari Temple Location

Sambisari Temple is located in Sambisari Hamlet, Purwomartani Village, Kalasan, Sleman. Special Region of Yogyakarta.

The location of this temple itself is quite deep into a village, but even so, this place is very easy to reach and it is still close to other temple attractions. So you can visit other temples after you visit here.

Sambisari Temple Entrance Ticket Prices and Operating Hours

Opening hours for Sambisari Temple are from 08.00 am to 17.00 WIB with an entrance ticket price of IDR 6000 and IDR 2000 for motor vehicle parking tickets and IDR 5000 for four-wheeled vehicles.

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