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Selogriyo Temple – Natural Tourism Object in Magelang, Central Java

Selogriyo Temple – Magelang is only a small city in the province of Central Java. However, there’s nothing wrong if you want to stop in Magelang to hunt for tourist destinations. Located in a highland area, this city tends to have cool air complete with beautiful city views at night.

The most popular tourist attraction in Magelang is of course Borobudur Temple. But did you know, there are other temples that you can visit while on holiday in Magelang, one of which is Selogriyo Temple which is located at the foot of Mount Sumbing.

Selogriyo Temple

A Glance at the Selogriyo Temple Building

Selogriyo Temple is a temple located in Kembangkuning Village, Windusari District, Magelang. Quoted from the Ministry of Education and Culture’s website, this temple began to be built during the reign of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom, or to be precise in the 9th century AD.

Archaeologists and historians discovered this temple building in 1835 in quite poor condition, neglected and many parts were no longer intact. Not to mention that the landslide that occurred in 1998 also added damage to parts of the temple building.

Therefore, the Magelang district government must undertake a series of temple renovations until 2005 so that this temple can become one of the interesting tourist attractions in Magelang.

Inside the Selogriyo temple there is a chamber which functions to store the phallus and yoni statues. Not only that, there are statues of the embodiment of the gods worshiped by Hindus, namely Durga Mahisasuramardini in the northern part of the wall niche, Agastya on the south side, Ganesha on the west side and also Nandiswara and Mahakala on the eastern side of the temple wall niche.

When compared to other temples in the city of Magelang, such as Pawon Temple or Mendut Temple, for example, the size of this temple building is relatively smaller, only around 5.2 m x 5.2 m with a height of approximately almost 5 m.

Selogriyo Temple

Location and Route to Selogriyo Temple

This temple is at an altitude of 740 meters above sea level and is flanked by three hillsides, namely Giyanti Hill, Condong and Malang. To visit this temple, you can take the Magelang-Bandongan route. After arriving at Bandongan Market, take the right turn towards Windusari until you meet the T-junction which shows the direction to the temple. If you are still confused, you can use the Google Maps application on your cellphone.

Tourist Activities at Selogriyo Temple

Selogriyo Temple is located in a remote area and far from the hustle and bustle of society, so it is considered a place for Hindu priests to meditate. This temple is approximately 12 kilometers from the city center of Magelang or around 35 kilometers from Borobudur Temple.

Access to the temple from the village’s residential area is only a rocky path with a distance of approximately two kilometers. So you can walk around enjoying the cool air and beautiful village views here. Not only that, you can also take selfies in the temple environment or just sit back and relax while chatting with the people closest to you.

Not far from the temple, there is a spring which according to circulating myths can make the face youthful and cure various types of diseases. Based on the words of village elders, this temple is said to have been used as a place of worship and a place for Hindu kings to meditate.

Facilities, Entrance Ticket Prices and Opening Hours of Selogriyo Temple

Just by spending 2,000 rupiah for vehicle parking and 5,000 rupiah for the entrance ticket (the price of the entrance ticket can change when the holiday season arrives), you can enter the Selogriyo Temple area and enjoy various tourist facilities around the temple such as prayer rooms, toilets. , garden benches and gazebos. This temple’s opening hours are from 8 am to 4 pm only. How? So, are you interested to visit here?

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