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Sewu Temple Yogyakarta – Ticket Prices and Operational Hours

Sewu Temple Yogyakarta – Yogyakarta regional tourism that carries the history of the past, one of which is Sewu Temple. Exotic temple as a part of Indonesian history with quite powerful artistry.

So, don’t be surprised if this temple is one of the dreams of local or foreign tourists when traveling to Yogyakarta. What are the attractions? Check out the complete article below.

Sewu Temple

Overview of the Sewu Temple

The Buddhist-style building of Sewu Temple was built in the 8th century, which is said to have been built earlier than Prambanan and Borobudur.

Sewu is a part of Javanese which means thousand. However, this temple does not even number a thousand but only has 249 temple buildings. This magnificent building was built in 746-784 during the Mataram era, which was led by Rakai Panangkaran.

This unique temple with a fantastic architectural style is able to captivate various tourists from many countries, including local tourists.

Visitor Attractions and Activities at Sewu Temple Yogyakarta

Prasada Vajrasana Manjusrigha is another name for a temple located not far from Prambanan. From the main road, the temple already looks luxurious, majestic and very beautiful with a width of 165 meters and a length of 185 meters.

The building has 2 typical statues in the form of 2 people carrying sticks at the main gate. These two statues often become the background for photos of tourists. Seeing its splendor, the attraction of the temple can attract tourists.

In fact, there are lots of exciting activities that tourists can do when visiting the temple, including:

1. Enjoy the sunset and sunrise

Photography enthusiasts will definitely not ignore the sunset and sunrise when visiting the temple. The beauty of the setting and rising sun has become a unique icon whose beauty is beyond words.

At the right position, tourists can get beautiful photos of the tops of the temples with natural phenomena in the background with distinctive colors.

2. Cycling

The temple is surrounded by lush green plants so it’s beautiful and the air is cool. To explore the temple, bicycle rentals are available. You don’t need to worry about rental costs because the prices are affordable.

Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the temple by traveling around the area using a leisurely bicycle without having to get too tired from walking.

3. Historical education

The temple is an interesting part of the country’s history that needs to be explored. By seeing it firsthand, educational tourism is created. Moreover, the temple has various interesting legends which make many tourists curious.

Besides being interesting for adults, children who come can also learn the history of this magnificent temple with undeniable qualities.

4. Watching an art performance

The next exciting attraction of the temple is art performances. Performances are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at Prambanan Temple Park.

5. Instagramable photo spots

For those who like taking photos, the temple has many cool photo spots from many sides. Starting from the temple itself, the entrance gate to the unique temple stairs.

All of the temple’s attractions give visitors the freedom to explore tourist attractions as much as they like.

Location, Ticket Price and Operationg Hours

The tourist site is located on Jalan Raya Solo Yogyakarta km 16, entering Bugisan Village. The territory is part of Prambanan District, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta.

Tourist attractions’ operational hours are every day 06.00 – 17.00 WIB. Meanwhile, the ticket prices are really pocket-friendly, starting from 20 thousand to 40 thousand.

Even though it is very old, Sewu Temple has its own historical appeal. The beauty is fantastic, tourists will feel at home and guaranteed to be addicted to visiting again.

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