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Sri Gethuk Waterfall – Interesting Waterfall in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta

Sri Gethuk Waterfall

Sri Gethuk Waterfall – The Sri Gethuk Waterfall is located in Bleberan Village, Playen District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. This waterfall is a popular natural tourist destination in the area. Sri Gethuk Waterfall has stunning natural beauty and offers visitors an unforgettable experience.

Sri Gethuk Waterfall

Sri Sri Gethuk Waterfall is formed by the Oya river which flows through high limestone cliffs. This waterfall is about 25 meters high and about 50 meters wide. What is unique about Sri Gethuk Waterfall is that there are small caves under the waterfall that visitors can explore. These caves were formed by water erosion which occurred over centuries.

To reach Sri Gethuk Waterfall, visitors have to travel around 30 minutes from the center of Yogyakarta City. The road to this waterfall is quite challenging because it takes a winding and steep road. However, this trip will be comparable to the natural beauty that you will find at Sri Gethuk Waterfall.

Upon arrival at Sri Gethuk Waterfall, visitors will be greeted with an amazing view. The fast flowing waterfall produces a soothing roar. There are green trees around the waterfall which give a natural impression and add to the beauty of this place.

Apart from enjoying beautiful natural views, visitors can also do various activities at Sri Gethuk Waterfall. One of them is swimming in the pool that is formed under the waterfall. The pool has varying depths, making it suitable for various levels of swimming skill. Apart from that, visitors can also explore small caves under the waterfall or go whitewater rafting on the Oya river.

To ensure the safety and comfort of visitors, the management of Sri Gethuk Waterfall has provided facilities such as toilets, food stalls and parking. Apart from that, there are also several lodgings around the waterfall area for visitors who want to spend longer time at this place.

Sri Gethuk Waterfall is a natural tourist destination that is a must-visit for nature lovers and adventurers. The amazing natural beauty and variety of activities that can be done make Sri Gethuk Waterfall the perfect place to spend time with family or friends. So, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Sri Gethuk Waterfall and feel its beauty for yourself.

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