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Tamansari Water Palace – 5 Attractions of the Tamansari Water Palace Yogyakarta

Tamansari Water Palace – Apart from being a student city, Yogyakarta is also famous for its various amazing tourist attractions, one of which is the Tamansari Water Palace.

Built by Sultan Hamengkubuwono I in 1757, the architecture is a fantastic mixture of Javanese and Portuguese styles.

tamansari water palace

A Glance at Tamansari Water Palace

In the past, one of the corridors of Taman Sari Jogya was a surau where the Sultan prayed. Apart from that, there are other passages that are used as hiding places if the enemy attacks.

Now, this part of the Yogyakarta Palace is a cultural heritage as well as a tourist spot that has many fans.

This unique and exotic shaped water palace with a timeless appeal really enchants tourists.

tamansari water palace

Address, Entrance Fee and Opening and Closing Hours of Tamansari Water Palace Yogyakarta

To visit the place with the clear water of Tamansari, road access is very easy and strategic. Visitors can take two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles.

Following is information about the location address, HTM (entrance ticket price) and when it opens and closes.

1. Address

The tourist attraction is located on Taman Sari Pathen Tourist Complex Road, Kraton, Yogyakarta.

2. Entrance Fee

Entrance tickets to Taman Sari Jogja are pocket-safe for local adults, 15 thousand and local children, 10 thousand. Meanwhile, 25 thousand foreign tourists are adults and 20 thousand are specifically children.

3. Opening and closing hours

Managers open tourist attractions Monday to Sunday from 09.00-15.00 WIB.

To be satisfied exploring this cool water palace, you can come in the morning and return in the afternoon.

Attractions of Tamansari Water Palace and Activities that Visitors Can Do

The tourist area covers an area of 10 hectares which consists of bathing pools, lakes, buildings, underwater passages, suspension bridges and water canals with a total of 57 buildings. Meanwhile, the water palace is not complete because some of it has become a residential area.

There are various special features that make Tamansari an idol for tourists. The attractions and activities visitors can do include:

1. Gapura Agung

The gate at the entrance is decorated with floral ornaments and ancient bird wings. It has an artistic appearance and can be a cool photo spot for visitors.

2. Pesanggrahan

Pesanggrahan used to be a place to arrange the Sultan’s strategy and a place to store weapons, armor and the ritual of cleaning the keris.

3. Umbul Binangun

Umbul Binangun Pool has exotic views with blue water. In ancient times the pool functioned as a bathing place for the king’s daughters and concubines. This place can be an attractive background for photos with a classic style.

4. Sumur Gemuling

Gumuling Well functions as an underground mosque with a circular shape and a hole in the center. The architecture of Taman Sari Yogyakarta with its unique staircase design has become an idol for travelers to take photos.

5. Gedhong Gapura Panggung

Tamansari has the Gedhong Gapura Panggung gate with a snake relief and two stories. The unique relief can be a backdrop for sweet photos for tourists.

The gate is useful as a gate that was once the place where the Sultan’s wife dressed up. Apart from that, a long time ago, the Sultan enjoyed dancing, music and gamelan at this gate.

Apart from the attractions and activities above, there are still many other cool corners that can be aesthetic photo spots. If you want to see the golden sunset, you can go to the Kenongo Building, which is the highest building in the water palace.

With its fantastic attractions, Tamansari Yogyakarta Water Palace can be a choice of tourist attraction for families. Apart from being majestic and full of the past, tourists are free to express themselves while refreshing their minds.

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