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Teluk Hijau: Tourist Attractions with Exotic Bays and Beautiful Waterfalls

Teluk Hijau – Green Bay is one of the best natural tourist destinations in Banyuwangi Regency. In this place, you can enjoy beautiful but hidden natural panoramas.

Apart from that, there are many other activities that can be done, such as swimming, taking selfies and camping. Unfortunately, to get to the bay, you need more effort because you have to enter the wilderness. How come you are still interested in coming there? Let’s find out more!

teluk hijau, green bay banyuwangi

Green Bay (Teluk Hijau) Attraction

The name Teluk Hijau is quite popular because the color of its water is greenish at first glance. This tourist location is located in Sarungan Village, Pesanggaran Selatan, Banyuwangi. When visiting there, you will be presented with natural panoramas and other attractions such as:

The Gulf is Exotic

The exotic feel will be visible when you feel the warm and smooth texture of the white sand. Then in the ocean you can see a greenish bay and is surrounded by coral rocks. From a distance there is also a small island that is quite faint and green in color too.

Rafflesia flowers are in Teluk Hijau

Another form of attraction is a flower that is now quite rare in Indonesia, namely Rafflesia. This flower does not bloom but looks attractive due to its large size.

Teluk Hijau Waterfall

Around the bay, tourists can also enjoy a waterfall on a small hill with a height of up to 8 meters. During the rainy season, the waterfall increases in volume and looks bigger. You can wash your body after swimming or just playing in the water.

Things to do in Teluk Hijau (Green Bay)

With an attraction like that, there are several activities that can be done, including:

Swimming at Teluk Hijau Beach

Swimming is an exciting activity that you can do when you visit there. The reason is because the waves on the beach are fairly gentle with the water fresh and clear. It’s so sloping that children can swim freely there.


With beautiful beaches, tourists can also camp around the tourist area. However, please note that the water at the beach often experiences sudden ups and downs.

So when setting up a tent, it is best to be near shrubs or bushes so that it is safer when the water rises. To carry out this activity, it is recommended to ask permission from the tourism manager.

Route to the Teluk Hijau Tour

For tourists who want to go to this bay, they can travel by land by tracking 2 km for 1 hour. Before that, make sure the vehicle has been parked at a resident’s house. For the second option, you can go by sea by boat and this is considered the easiest.

Opening Hours and Tickets to Teluk Hijau

To go to this tour, opening hours are from 07.00 – 16.30 WIB with tickets and cost details as follows:

Entrance Fee Free
Motorbike Parking Fee Rp. 3.000
Car Parking Fee Rp. 10.000
Rent A Boat for One Way Rp. 25.000
Rent A Boar for Go and Back Rp. 35.000

Teluk HIjau is a hidden tourist destination but its appeal is unique. In this place, tourists can see an exotic bay, waterfall and large Rafflesia flowers. Besides that, tourists can also do exciting activities such as swimming or camping around the beach.

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