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Things to Do in Banyuwangi – Best Experience of Your Visit in East Java

Things to Do in Banyuwangi

Things to Do in Banyuwangi – Banyuwangi is a city located at the eastern tip of the island of Java, Indonesia. This city always attracts tourists’ attention with its extraordinary natural beauty. Known as a transit area to the Ijen Crater which is famous for its Blue Fire, Banyuwangi also offers many other interesting tourist attractions. In this article, I will explain various things to do in Banyuwangi. So, if you are planning to visit this beautiful place, take a look at some of the following interesting activity options.

1. Enjoy the beauty of the tropical beaches

Banyuwangi has beautiful beaches that you cannot miss when visiting this city. One of the most famous is Plengkung Beach, which is famous among world surfers. The waves are high and perfect, making this beach a suitable place for surfing. Besides Plengkung Beach, you can also visit Red Island Beach. This beach is famous for its unique red sand and crystal clear sea water. Apart from these two beaches, Banyuwangi also has other beaches such as Boom Beach, Watu Dodol Beach, and Sukamade Beach which attract with their stunning natural beauty.

2. Watching Blue Sulfur in Ijen Crater

Visiting Banyuwangi wouldn’t be complete without exploring the legendary Ijen Crater. This crater is famous for its unique nature, especially the phenomenon of blue fire which only exists in a few places in the world. This fire is produced by burning sulfur in the crater, and creates an incredibly beautiful view at night. For hiking lovers, you can also climb to the top of Kawah Ijen to watch the stunning sunrise.

3. Enjoy the beauty of nature in Baluran National Park

Baluran National Park is a paradise for wildlife lovers and nature photography fans. With its vast land area, this national park is home to various rare and protected species of animals and plants. You can see endemic animals such as antelope, bison and buffalo roaming freely in the wild. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the amazing grasslands that stretch across this national park.

4. Pamper your taste buds with typical Banyuwangi culinary delights

Apart from its natural beauty, Banyuwangi also has a wealth of culinary delights that are no less interesting. You should try some of the specialties such as nasi tempong, nasi rames, satay mentok, and delicious lontong race. Make sure you also taste the typical Banyuwangi Arabica coffee which is famous for its high quality.

5. Watching the Banyuwangi Gandrung Show

Banyuwangi is also renowned for its arts. One of the most famous arts is Gandrung Banyuwangi. Gandrung is a traditional dance depicting the tradition of elopement in East Javanese culture. This performance is accompanied by enchanting gamelan music and infatuated dancers. If you are interested in East Javanese culture, then you should not miss this show.

6. Visiting Religious Tourism in Banyuwangi

For those who are looking for religious tourism, you can visit the Agung Jagat Karana Temple in the Kalibaru area. This temple is a place of worship for Hindus in Banyuwangi, and the center of religious activities for the local Hindu community. Apart from that, there is also the Baiturrahman Great Mosque which is one of the largest mosques in Banyuwangi. You can feel the calm, spiritual feel of this place.

7. Surf at G-Land Beach

For tourists who love surfing, Banyuwangi offers the impressive G-Land beach. This beach is a paradise for surfers who want to test their skills because of its high and strong waves. G-Land has become a very popular place among world surfers.

There are many interesting things that can be done in Banyuwangi. This city has the perfect combination of charming natural beauty, interesting cultural attractions, and a wealth of delicious culinary delights. So, if you are planning a holiday, don’t miss the chance to visit Banyuwangi and enjoy all its beauty. You will not be disappointed with what this city has to offer. Banyuwangi, a paradise for exploring Indonesia’s natural wonders.

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